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Virgin Maria Fucked

I have been in the business of designing for 3 years now. I design light fittings that are custom made by my company for celebrities. I'm a beautiful, sexy and attractive girl of 22 years. My name is Maria and I'm engaged to Mahesh. I travel frequently to Mumbai for my work.
My boss, Sachin is a 34year old handsome guy (I'll share some spicy sex scenes sometime later with you) and I represent him for these client meetings. I'm here to describe how I lost my virginity (before my engagement). I work hard for a living. My parents and I live in Chennai. It's a tough job, but highly rewarding on one such instance when I was taking a flight to Mumbai
I met the first guy who showed me the pleasures of sex. He showered me with praises all the while we played some games in bed. I've never felt so special ever! His name is Avinash. He's a big business tycoon from Mumbai and was flying back home. He's not married, but has tremendous experience to fuck and satisfy any girl. I feel so lucky to be deflowered by him, as I've learnt a lot about sex from Avinash.
Actually, I had set my hair that evening and was wearing a black frock. I have fair and sexy legs and proudly flaunt them. The clients who I work with also admire my taste of fashion and stare at my accessories. I'd worn black Gucci boots just to compliment this dress. I was looking hot property that day.
We were sitting beside each other in the flight and he began to converse very friendly. He started by complimenting me on my hairstyle. I blushed, yet stayed composed. Our biological chemistry and conversation flowed throughout the flight and we ended up exchanging phone numbers. It never happened to me before. I was suddenly fantasizing about sex with him.
It was time to depart and we were coming down the stairs, when suddenly I tripped. I was so entrapped in my thoughts that I didn't have any control. I sprained my leg so bad. I began to cry in pain. People crowded around me. Avinash told them that he was with me and others need not worry.
He told me also the same. Very gently he lifted me in his lap and placed me on the lobby chairs.

He removed my boots and nursed the leg. I was feeling awkward being touched by a stranger in public. I told him that I'll be okay and he could move on. He refused to leave me. I called my client and fixed a meeting for the next evening. She gladly obliged. I had bookings for my stay in a star hotel. Avinash convinced me to have me dropped to the hotel. I was thinking about what a cute guy he is. I'd been dreaming of spending a life with someone who treated me so affectionately then he accompanied me to my room to see me off.
My leg was acutely paining and it showed on my face. Once inside, he helped me remove my boots and again nursed my leg. We ordered for an ointment and he rubbed it and massaged it.  It felt so terrific to be massaged by a guy! I was beginning to get horny. I had saved my virginity for my special night. Now I felt that I must have a man. I wanted Avinash to stay in this lonely room with me and fuck me. I didn't know how to let him know my feelings as he was massaging my legs, I came forward and hugged him. My boobs pressed on his chest, and I pressed him close to me. I love you and I whispered.
He put his arms around my back and moved it around my back then he let go and I too composed my posture. His hands held my head and he planted a kiss on my lips. My first kiss with a man, indeed his lips touched mine and he moved them around my lips. My mouth opened and his upper lip climbed on my upper lip. His tongue came out and explored my lower lip. He licked and sucked on the lower lip. I had never experienced such a kiss in life.
His tongue kept licking and sucking till both of us were out of breadth. I told him please don't leave me. I'm feeling very lonely. Please call home and give them some excuse stay with me tonight. I love your company if you feel that I must stay, I'll do it but what about my clothes? Tonight, there's no need to wear them. I want to see you without them.
I winked at him you are one hot chick and I'd love to show you my assets. I have seen the most beautiful women, but you are different. Your boobs are hard and spongy and your neck is like a kulfi that I want to lick. I covered my eyes with my hands and smiled please, Avinash stop it. He uncovered my eyes and again kissed me with aggression. This time, I was ready and bit his lower lip. My hands moved on his chest as I was feeling desperate down in my pussy. He called up home and announced that he would be staying over at his friends’. 
The path was clear and we were ready for some bed games. He quickly went down and bought some condoms from the shop in the lobby in the meantime and I took a shower. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought and this is the last time, I'm seeing you as a virgin is it the right thing I’m doing? And my heart answered what's the guarantee that your would-be husband will be a virgin? Avinash came into the room and I hugged him.
His hands came over my shoulder and they went down to my bums. He squeezed them and I felt even ticklish. Avinash, I have never been touched by a man in my life. I don't know how this is going to be. If I'm the first one to have sex with you, then at the end of it, you will be pleading for more. Avinash, I'm all yours tonight. I love the way you look at me. I love your kisses. You haven't still seen how I can kiss and how much magic my lips and tongue can do."
I looked into his eyes and began to remove his buttons. Could now see the hairs on his chest and his nipples and I was feeling a tingling in my pussy on seeing it. He unzipped my tight figured frock from back and lifted it up from above my head. I was wearing a matching red bra and panty. He saw my soft body and moved his hands around my shoulder; then my boobs, then my stomach; then my navel; then my hips and then my thighs.
His hands ran all over as his lips started to kiss my shoulder and neck. I too kept kissing him and encourage him. He removed his pants and put it on the chair. He turned off the lights and reduced the temperature in the AC to 17degrees. He then removed a candle and lit it. A rose aroma surrounded the room. I lied down and He came on top of me and kissed my cleavage. His hands went behind and unhooked my bra. He kissed my boobs on top of the bra. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the time of my life. Nothing could stop my feelings.
No morality, no shame. It was pure lust overtaking every moral value. He pushed the bra up and exposed my big boobs. My tits were waiting to become a mother to my lover. I wanted him to suck them like a baby. His mouth came on top of them and he opened his mouth to lick them. He licked it and sucked it and suckled it. I was moaning in pleasure. His lips kept moving all over both my boobs one after another. I begged him to fuck me.
Avinash, please fuck me and I want you to put your cock inside my cunt and make me a complete woman. I want you to fuck me please Avinash. I can't wait. You are so hot and I have not seen such a sexy girl in my life but I haven't seen such lovely body. You are an angel Avinash, I want to be fucked by you tonight. I don't care who will marry me, but I want to have my first fuck from a handsome man like you.
You are the most gorgeous girl I've met and you're the horniest girl I've seen before a fucking. You are turning me into an animal, Maria. He pulled my panties and threw it. I got up and removed his underwear. His big thick cock was facing the sky. My god! What a size it is. I thought. I held it in my hands- tightly.His hands squeezed my boobs and he sucked my boobs again.
I started to stroke his cock like a whore. When a prostitute is horny, she doesn't care whether the man is in pain. She just has to have a cock inside- that's it. Today, I just felt like one with only one difference. I was in love with Avinash. He went down and kissed my pussy opening. I pushed him away. Now you put your cock inside. I can't wait anymore or else, I'll die. Fuck me, Avinash.
Fuck me till I die. Fuck this bitch. Fuck me. Fuck me, Avinash. I screamed. He parted my legs and kept his dick on the opening. He wore a perfumed condom that covered the whole length of his penis. I was getting even desperate. My hand went down and guided it and he pushed it aaaah. I screamed and he held my knees apart and stroked slowly, and slowly he pushed his big cock in my pussy.
He pushed harder and I squealed aaaah. Oooh Maaaa. Ayyyyo Aaa Aaama Oh Oh. I moaned with his every push. He had turned from man to animal. I could now feel that his cock had completely gone inside. He asked me to lift my legs. I did so. He took the Dunlop pillow and kept it below my ass.  I thought it was just for keeping me relaxed but, after keeping it his strokes became even better. The length of his entire cock kept drilling my cunt. The vibrations within were hot.
The juices of my cunt were gushing out in orgasm. I may have cummed at least six times in the last 10 minutes. We slept naked in each other’s arms the whole night. I kept stroking his long cock and he couldn't keep his hands off my thin waist. My boobs were in his mouth and he had been sucking it nonstop for the whole night.
I dreamt to someday marry a man like Avinash whenever I visit Mumbai, Avinash comes to pick me up. He says that he will never get married. He loves to have sex with girls of my age. He told me that all the girls in his Gold's Gym' love his cock. He has fucked two of them together. The others are housewives who are unsatisfied with their sex life.
I will be marrying Mahesh this December. If you are a fan of my fucking story please write to me. My boss has also screwed me. I'll share that in my next story. My email is swankyess@gmail.com write the subject line as Virgin Maria' so I understand that you want a quick reply.
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