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The Tracking

We were returning from a very long and difficult track in the Himalayas. There were many Groups and many couples also undertaking this expedition.  Our Group consisted of about 50 people. Some took the Dolli, some the Horse and some like me preferred to remain on foot.
During the very strenuous climb of many hours most got separated as all had their different pace. After the long climb and stay of two days we began the descent. Descent would also continue for two days and we had arrangement for night halt mid way.
The uncertainty of Himalayan weather is well known. So though it was cloudless and sunny as we began, the weather all of a sudden took a turn. It became cloudy. I had observed that a Group of about five was continually remaining with me. Sometimes they used to pass ahead when I was resting or taking tea.
Sometimes I over took them when they were halting as is the normal practice, all passersby greet each other. I also greeted them and so did they greet me. When we became together one of the elderly asked me as to from where I was and I told him I was from Mumbai. The Group was from Bhopal, in Madhya Pradesh. 
 This Group consisted of two elderly gentleman, one lady and two youngsters, a boy of about 15 and a girl nearly same age. We were carrying some light luggage, which consisted a water bottle, rain coat, some woollens and some light refreshments and of course a strong wooden stick to support the walk. 
But the climb is so strenuous that many a times people feel like throwing away even the camera for its weight. So many give away to others in the Group a part of the luggage as it is sheer pleasure to walk in the Himalayas especially if one does not have to carry any weight.
Now as I said, at about 2 pm in the afternoon it began to drizzle and soon every one took shelter where ever available. Most took out woolens and rain coats. Along with rain the temperature also dropped. The Group I had referred to earlier also got separated. The Two elderly men had taken a horse as they were not able to walk.
And in their wisdom the two children had handed over the carry bags to them.  All members of the Group had got separated. The boy passed by and asked me if I had seen his sister to which I said no. He was carrying a flimsy plastic bag to cover his head and he ran forward, looking worried and frightened.
To become marooned in Himalayas is very dangerous especially so if one do not have a torch, a raincoat and something to eat. It seems he had none.  Well in such situation very little can be done by any one as I was waiting for rain to subside and had put on the rain coat and I saw the young girl running down the road covering self with a flimsy plastic sheet.
She approached nearer and I made place in the very small shelter like place I was occupying. It was not even a regular shelter, it was some place carved out of the mountain, hardly three feet across. She was wet and so when she reached under the shelter, she put aside the plastic sheet.
She was wearing a typical kurta pajama.  She smiled at me but was appearing worried. I asked where her other companions were, she said she was not aware. I told her that your brother left some time ago and was looking for you and was worried.
I took out a thin towel from my pack and handing it to her asked not dry her head at least otherwise it would be difficult for her to survive. Now I saw that she has absolutely no winter protection. Normally every one begins with a lot of winter cloths but as one begins to walk the body heat that is generated is so much that even though the outside temperature is low one starts sweating.
To enjoy the cool breeze outside therefore people tend to remove and if possible hand over the woolens to the porters or to someone in group who is on a horse back. Well this girl had made this big mistake. One can get lost and even freeze to death during night temperatures that at times easily go below zero. 
Because now she had stopped moving the heat had stopped generating and she was already shaking and her teeth rattling. She took the towel and dried herself. The rain became heavier and I was wondering as to how we two would accommodate in such a small place. I looked around and saw along the wall about 20 feet away small steps cut into the mountain wall.
The steps were leading to a slightly bigger cave like shelter. I moved out a bit and surveyed the spot and found it definitely much better to the one we were now occupying. If we were forced to spend a longer time I felt the upper shelter more secure. So I spoke to her and said we must move there. She started crying.
She said she was lost, she had no woolens, no raincoat and no food either. She started uttering, I am lost and my brother is going to die and my parents will also die searching for me. I held her by shoulders and shaking her shouted stop crying at once and you are not dead yet but I will surely push you off the cliff if you cry so much.
She continued to sob so I again held her by the shoulders and shook her up. Look at me. I nearly shouted and I don’t want to get killed or frozen if you want to please stay here and keep crying and get killed ok? She calmed down a bit, again dried her face with my towel and looked at me. I smiled and said that’s better.
This difficulty has come upon you and we will manage it together. Don’t worry. The sky has not fallen apart; it is just raining and will soon halt. Yes you don’t have a rain coat, woolens and food, but I have enough we will share. Plus, in some time we will meet your Group and everything will be fine, ok?”
I held her hand firmly and said now let us climb to that shelter. I pointed to the place I had in mind. I continued and we can stay there for some more time as at this place we both will soon get wet and cold.  I held her by her hand and ran quickly to the place. She was again getting wet, so I asked her to go first.
Though the steps carved inside the mountain rock were clear, they were too small and slippery on account of water passing over it. One had to stick to the rock and very carefully mount. I held her from the waste and helped her raise each step. Bit finally did it. This shelter was slightly better and there was a small stone bench for one person to stand.
Now the rain became heavy and the wind was swiping the shower even inside the make shift shelter that we were occupying. She again started shivering and so I asked her to wear the woolen sweater that I was wearing as I was any way wearing woolen thermals inside and was also not wet and further covered with the large size rain coat.
I had almost forced it upon her and she was still shivering so I folded her into my rain coat and hugged her. This was a lot comforting and in few minutes she got a bit quite. She was facing away from me and my hands were folding her inside the rain coat. I slowly leaned on the wall and she leaned on me.
I then realized that she had fine breasts. They were not very prominent but surely well formed for a girl of her age while helping her with wearing the sweater, my hands had briefly caressed them. Now with nothing else to do, my mind became even more aware of the beauty resting in my arms. 
I nudged her closer and she very willingly pushed back into me. I then could not help but begin the slow movement of my palms across the front of her. I inserted my hand inside the sweater from below to check if the kurta was wet.
The Kurta was not wet but was a bit damp and so the cover of sweater was keeping both of us warm. But as my palm felt her on the stomach, I could not resist the temptation of allowing it to linger there longer and even move it up to the edge of her breasts.
I told her oooh dear you are all wet inside. Don’t you think you should mop up a bit with dry towel? She said no, Uncle, it is ok now I am feeling much better and it will dry up soon.  I think you are much wet on the front side as I can feel on the back side you are much drier.
I said probing the back side of her kurta in between her and me with one hand. The other had was busy feeling the front side. This gave me an opportunity to press her a bit more from front side into me and place my palm even across her navel area and even below that after this.
I proceed to check the wetness or dampness of her dress around her shoulders and breasts. The other hand very faintly touched her buttocks as well. The situation was mind boggling.  Here I was in the middle of nowhere, with nowhere to go.
A very young and beautiful girl is resting in my arms. We both covered by a common rain coat. I was already getting excited. I said what is your name beautiful girl? She replied Shrya uncle you are very beautiful Shrya saying so I tightened my hug a bit and she did not resist or hug back, but lowered her head feeling shy.
Then all of a sudden she said uncle I will have to relive myself and I am so ashamed and feeling so bad but I don’t think I can hold it any more.
I immediately replied ooohh dear don’t worry at all. It is natures call and there is nothing to be ashamed about. Plus this wet weather enhances all the more for passing urine.

But how will we manage it is a problem, for if you go down again, you will surely get completely drenched and here there is no place then after a bit thinking I said ok, I will open the rain coat, you sit down here it elf. There is no other way and don’t feel shy and do not fall off.
There is hardly any place for you and I will hold you from shoulders with much hesitation, when she did not see any other way out she lifted her kurta inside the rain coat itself opened the strings of her pajama and squatted down and I opened the rain coat as she bent down and I held her by shoulders. 
I too had to bend in the process and she had pulled down her panty till above her knee and then she released the stream as the hot liquid gushed out, it produced steam on account of very low temperature outside and gave out its distinct smell as I was also bending slightly the smell entered my nostrils and I had an immediate hard on.
She got up tidied herself and we both rushed into the comfort of the raincoat. She again became sentimental and uttering about how worried her brother and parents will be and what will happen next and so started crying. 
Now I hugged her more and in process of readjusting caressed her breasts with one hand and her stomach with the other pressing her more into me. I felt her buttocks press into my hard on and said ooohh sweet Shrya why do you worry, I am with you and will not mind remaining with you all night.
See we have some food and the water flowing by is clean to drink, But in my opinion weather will become less sever in short time and we will be able to walk to nearest Camp within the rain coat I turned her around to face me.
She now clung to me and I once again properly adjusted the rain coat to ward off the wind and shower. My hands then rested on her back and I pressed her into my chest. I could feel her breasts pressing into me as I was almost folding her in my arms.
I allowed my right palms to press from behind the back the edge of her right breast. I slowly pressed the left palm also accordingly. I then pressed my thighs which were slightly parted to accommodate her in between.   My full erection was now nudging at her stomach.
I then slowly lowered my palm behind her to descend to her lower back and then her buttocks. The hand immediately felt the panty through the kurta as the thick medium of sweater was not there in between.  I felt her shivering and this enhanced my excitement even further.
After openly candying the buttocks for a few minutes I again dragged my palm upwards but this time under the sweater pampering her back all the way to the edge of her breasts again. I pressed her cupped half of her breast from behind and lingered there for some time.
I then kissed her hair and whispered into her ears and I like you so much dear you are so tempting. Please allow me to kiss you. She nodded her head in negation and I asked why dear. She again nodded her head but continued to hug me hard.
I took back the hand fondling the breast down and returned this time from under her kurta, touching her skin. She was so soft and so smooth. I felt her bra strap and fumbled to unhook and she again nodded her head in negation and I again whispered into her ears.
Please! In one quick movement I unhooked her bra and she pressed into me more vigorously. This boosted my confidence as well as my erection. My palm was now travelling all across her back and even front. I wanted to see her breasts but it was so cold outside that I remained content with touching and fondling and squeezing them.
I pinched at her nipple and she gave out a clear morn of excitement and I was now sure she was enjoying it. I then brought out the hand from under her kurta and still confined to under the rain coat lifted her face. I lowered my face into her and planted a kiss on her lips.
After the initial reluctance she parted the lips and my tong slipped into the warm sweet haven. Ohhh her saliva was so tempting and I found it hard to withhold the temptation to suck her hard and bite her lips. She was now pressing her torso into me which expressed her intense arousal.  
I knew there was no hold now but still I had to be cautious and proceed slowly.I then allowed my hand caressing her back to travel down and nudged at the edge of her pajama. It was not very tight and so my fingers easily slipped underneath.
I felt the edge of her panty and there to I tried to enter and could do so with little effort. Now my fingers felt the soft and shapely buttocks they were very soft and very smooth and warm. My other hand was busy playing with the breast and applying pressure from behind I could now feel her mound pressing into my rock hard rod.
I took the next logical step and removing my hand from her panty, slid it in front to unknot the string of her pajama. She mourned no but without conviction and ignoring it I pulled the string as the pajama gave way her panty got exposed to my touch and I easily inserted my fingers into it. I met there with thick but soft bush.
I proceeded ahead I felt the wet sticky pubs and her cunt lips.  I felt so excited that I felt I may explode that very moment slowly I dipped my fingers into her burrow. Instinctively she parted her thighs to facilitate my advance. Now my mouth was sucking her mouth. My one hand was fondling her cunt and another was caressing her butt.
Outside the storm was raging and it was getting dark on account of heavy clouds. But I became unaware of all surroundings. Her breath and the slippery movement of my finger was only thing I could experience. My eyes were closed and so were hers. I was in haven and my rod was rock hard. It was now hurting.
I removed the hand caressing her butt and quickly undid my pent zipper. I clumsily pushed my pent down and the nicer with it. The liberated rod immediately sprung out and I inserted in between her thighs with my thighs I pressed her thighs to massage my rod slipping in and out between her thighs.
The member started to move in and out of the slippery thighs with both hands I now grabbed her butt chicks and pressing her thighs with mine I started slow humping as if I was inserting her cunt. I did not desire to penetrate her. I was afraid of the consequences. May be she will bleed too much or maybe it will be too painful.
I did not want to make her first experience unpleasant. But at same time I was feeling too much pleasure from this chance encounter. The strange circumstances made the pleasure all the more. I found her response also very exciting. I don’t remember for how long we continued to make love this way.
I wanted to lick her breasts but the severe cold outside would make any such attempt unpleasant. But the excitement grew and I said I want to enter into you. She did not reply but hug to me even harder. I penetrated deep into her mouth with my tongue then I lifted her slightly in excitement and placed the head of my rod between her slippery cunt lips.
I then released her to drop on her weight. To my great amassment the head popped in. My excitement knew no bounds. But still I was aware of the very tender girl with me and I managed to restrain any further force. Fondling her everywhere and sucking her deeply I stopped thrusting and she started relaxing and responding by very genteel pressure.
I once again tightly held her by buttocks and gave a mild thrust and my rod further slipped into her. I was about to explode. I was desperate that I could not put her on her back and get my release. But I continued with partial penetration for some more time.
I knew that she was equally excited and would gradually relax and attempt to accommodate further penetration. I slowly put her feet on ground and   withdrew my rod and I took out some saliva from mouth and applied it to my already glistering rod. It was already sticky with my and her pre cum. 
Then I raised her one leg only and with her another r foot on ground to permit her more control, again inserted my rod. It went in and she opened her mouth expressing the pleasure and I whispered into her ears to take me in please and at same time only applied gentle pressure.
She responded with equal pressure and I started the journey to haven, I was slipping into something I had never experienced. My other hand that was not supporting her raised leg continued to massage her breasts and finally I felt that I was all the way in just the thought of such an entry created explosions in my head and I knew I could not continue to hold longer.
Still we remained glued together for ages I thought. I had lost the track of time.  Then kissing her deeply and expressing my love and gratitude I slipped out and in big lumps threw away seed on her this and where even it fell inside the shelter of the rain coat. I forgot everything for a few moments.
She was also breathing heavily in spite of the enormous pleasure I did not want to throw my seed into her.  It would be too unfair and unwarranted. Even the full entry into the tender flesh was not justified in my mind even at that moment then after a few minutes when I came to senses I inserted my figure into her cunt.
Kissing her all the time fondling her breasts and everywhere, thrusting my body as if I was fucking her I slowly brought her to orgasm. Her explosion was equally massive; I inserted another figure and crushed her buttocks. We remained that way stuck for a very long time. It was by then absolutely dark.
I released her and we got ourselves tidy then I again hugged her and kissed her. I whispered into her ears thank you darling. It was the greatest experience for me. Hope you also liked it? She just nodded her head in affirmation. I once again kissed her. The rain had stopped.
So we made a cautious decent of the steps on the road we had some food that I was carrying. Then sharing the rain colt and the plastic cover we started walking down. We halted at a few places. I kissed her and we walked for about two hours. I had a torch. Though it was not late in night it was dark. I held her hand throughout.
She stuck to me. We saw the lights and were relived. However we had to walk further 30 minutes before we reached the camp. Her brother and parents who were waiting saw us and rushed to greet us. They all hugged her and cried. Thereafter she again came to me. Gently hugged me and went her way. We never met again.
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