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Sheena's Defloweration

This is my first submission to this site and if you like it please leave a comment so that and I get to know your feelings. Any suggestions are also welcome in form of comments. all dialog are in Hindi while the narrative is kept in English according to your comments I would come up with complete Hindi or complete English version as soon as possible. Now enjoy the story. I hope you enjoy the experience like I did.
Another summer day in Delhi and the mercury was shooting above 40. Sheena was relaxing in her home, playing loud music and having pizza for lunch rarely did the 18 year old had the chance to be alone at home as she was shaking her body to some Angrezi beat, there was a knock on the door. She reduced the volume and opened the door.
Hi Sooraj kaise yaad aa gyi Mr. busy bee ko humari aaj? Nayi naukri se fursat kaise? said Sheena with a beaming smile Sooraj is taken by surprise when he sees Sheena in a sleeveless t shirt and hot pants. He has known Sheena since she was a baby but didn’t realise till now that she had grown into such a delicious curvy woman.
Uhh hi arre aisa mat bolo yaad rehti hai tumhari bas time hi nhn hota acha shweta chaabi de gyi hai kya? ghar locked hai. Sooraj replied arre woh toh mummy papa ke saath gyi hai shaadi mein. Aaj nupur ke bhai ki shaadi hai na. Ab toh late night hi lautenge sab. Andar aaiye aur yahin wait kariye ab toh
Sooraj comes in shaking his head yeh shweta bhi na har cheez bhul jati hai. Atleast phone toh kr deti ki jaa rhi hun, main hi chabi pados mein dena ke liye yaad dila deta! Sheena closes the main door and turns around ab ghar ke saare kaam apni wife se krwaoge aur khud office mein busy rhoge toh bhul hi jayegi na. Tumhe khud dhyan nhn rha hoga aaj shaadi hai.
Ab khade kya ho!! Bag rkho neeche aur baith jao pizza khao aaram se. Tum kyun nhn gyi shaadi mein sake saath? Sooraj asks while sitting down and grabbing a slice of pizza. Main chali jati toh sadak par rehna padta raat tak. Sheena replies giggling maine socha akele reh kr ghar pe maze krun toh mummy ko bol dia stomach cramps hain
Tum bhi na sheena jhoot bolne ki aadat gyi nhn tumhari acha suno chai piyoge? Sheena asks while going out of the room towards the kitchen. Sooraj turns his head around to follow her. He can’t help but notice the perfect plump ass that she has. Her perfect round ass cheeks rubbing against each other in those tight hot pants. The light pink color was not helping hide the shape at all.
Chai? Peeni hai? Sheena pops her head out of the kitchen door and asks. Uhh yeah sure”Sooraj just managed to get those words out. He had been so busy over the past few years in completing his graduation and getting a new job and of course marrying the girl his parents selected for him, Shweta. He didn’t notice how hot his neighbour’s daughter had become. I can’t believe they left such a hot alone at home he uttered.
Tumne kuch kaha? Sheena asked from the kitchen. Huh nhn nhn kuch nhn bas cheeni kam rkhna. Tum mere bedroom se towel lelo aur fresh ho jao tab tak chai bhi ban jayegi bedroom toh pta hai mera? Han han yaad hai. Jab tum bachi thi toh wahan band kr leti khud ko jab nraaz hoti thi main manta tha tab tumhe 8 saal bda hun tumse itna bhi buddha nhn hua ki bhul jaun said sooraj after washing his face Sooraj emerges from the bathroom wiping his face with a towel.
To his utter amazement Sheena is sitting on her bed with her long legs starched out and having pizza. Normally no ma would be able to take his eyes off such spotless milky white legs but sooraj had to look elsewhere. The cheese stretch from Sheena’s mouth to the pizza slice as moved it away after taking a bite lying in the same position she bent her head backwards and slowly sucked the cheese right between her pink lips. Sooraj could only imagine what those pretty lips could do to his cock.
Mmm arre tum aa gye aao jaldi chai thandi ho jayegi Sheena said after seeing sooraj. Sooraj sits down with his back towards Sheena after picking up his cup of tea. He doesn’t want her to see the bulge growing in his pants. The tea is hot but Sheena is hotter. Sheena crawls towards him and gets really close. Itni buri dikhti hun joh peeth dikha kr baithe ho and notices the growing tent in Sooraj’s pants uuuhhhh and this startles Sooraj.
He doesn’t know what to do tries to stand up awkwardly and ends up spilling tea on his shirt aahhhh and he says as the hot liquid drops though his shirt onto his chest arre yeh kya kr lia Sheena retorts quickly and they both stand up facing each other jala toh nhn? Shirt uttaro jaldi arre kuch nhn uhhhh kuch nhn hua sooraj says shaking his shirt chup raho tum idhar dikhao Sheena quickly starts unbuttoning his shirt.
The smell of her hair fills his nostrils. It’s the best smell he has ever smelled. If the rainbow smelled like something it would be this. He looked down into her deep neck t shirt as she was busy unbuttoning pin. Working hi 6 foot height for advantage against the 5’7 Sheena, he peeked deep into her cleavage. Mmmm those milky jugs ohhh god how did I miss this till today! 
He thought to himself as the more blood rush towards hi cock making it even harder. Sheena unbuttoned his shirt completely and started blowing air from her mouth on his chest right where his heart was. It felt like the wonderful breeze that one could never find anywhere in this world. She started rubbing softly on his chest where she had blown ab better lga? She asked looking up towards him.
He was standing right in front of her gazing into her beautiful hazel eyes her extremely fair face just like that of an angel and her pink lips moving in when she said ab better lga kuch? Ohh this was too much thought Sooraj. This was a wish granted by god for my hard work in life. If I let it go today I will regret it for my life and she is leading me on even after noticing my hard dick.
He pressed her hand against his chest better toh lgega hi tumne itne pyar se touch joh kia Sheena lowers her head with a coy smile and tries to move her hand away but its held firmly by Sooraj who starts rubbing his chest with her hand. Kya kr rhe ho? Chhod do na wohi kr rha ho joh tum kr rhi thi ruk kyun gyi as slides his other hand on her ass cheeks and pinches it aahhh.
She looks up at him as his hand pulls her closer to him. She could feel his hard cock trying desperately to rip open his pants. I can feel something moving between your legs she said softly acha can you feel something between your legs? He asked her back pta nhn pehli baar feel ho rha jaise bijli ke jhatke lg rhe hon she said again softly.
Iska matlab samajhati ho? Tum ab jawaan ho chuki ho Sooraj started moving his hand into her shorts and to his great luck it turns out she wasn’t wearing any panties his hand slowly moving towards her pussy as soon as he rubbed the clit she let out a sigh ohhhh” she said and hugged him tightly with her head against his chest. He kissed her on the head and then lifted her face by the chin as he looked into her eyes.
She knew something special was going to happen something that the virgin girl was craving for but could not quite understand what it was. He moved back the twig of hair from her face as he moved his face closer to hers as their lips joined for the first time both of them realised the suppressed passion that was going to erupt soon. He felt the moistness of her mouth as she started reciprocating his kiss with sucking on this upper lip.
Ummm their tongues were moving towards each other as they started kissing more passionately. She opened her mouth letting his tongue in and then licked it with her own. The magical experience continued for a few moments till they decided to explore other parts of their bodies. He started removing her t shirt and she helped him without saying a word by raising her arms.
She was wearing a pink half cup bra that was wonderfully supporting her creamy breasts. He could not control himself and started caressing them in his haste he started kissing the bra even without realising that he could remove it first uummm yeh kya kr rhe ho yeh galat hai you are married mmmm she said but showed no resistance physically in fact closed her eyes in enjoyment and ruffling through his hair.
Kuch galat nhn hai Sheena mmmm he replied while pulling the bra straps off from her shoulder with his teeth. Kissing her on the shoulder as his hand went around her to unhook the bra as it snapped open he started rubbing her back while kissing her neck. She started licking his chest softly as she was over powered by her sexual urges. Her body had already started secreting love juices in her pussy making it moist and ready for what was to come as he removed her bra
And dropped it on the floor he saw two of the most heavenly things on earth. Perfectly shaped, round, milky white tits and nipples so pink he knew they had never been sucked on her nipples were erect pointing towards his face. Sooraj quickly moved his tongue on her left nipple as he wanted the first person to taste those heavenly objects. He started softly licking around the nipple then giving it three short kisses muah and then sucking on it like a baby does for milk. 
His other hand was squeezing her right breast as Sheena who was breathing heavily now kept on pulling him closer. Ummmm jannat dikhadi tumne toh sheena. Ummmmm tumhare boobs toh sach mein kammal hain. Itni kam umar mein itne bade boobs! Muuuahhhh maine aisa kabhi feel nhn kia pehle mmmm samajh nhn aa rha kya krun bas tum rukna nhn jaanu mmmm
Main nhn rukunga aaj baby aaj tumhe jawani ka asli mazza dilwa ke hi rahunga. Sooraj swiftly turned her around and hurled her onto the bed. Her arms spread out as she lay there breathing heavily. Her huge tits moving up and down with every breath she took. He stood in front of her now completely removing his shirt and dropping it on the floor.
He moved onto her and started moving his tongue around her navel. He lifted her body a little as soft love sounds came out of her mouth uuuumm woohh. Sooraj stated moving downwards kissing along her body and also started pulling off her shorts with both his hands as he completely removed her shorts making her absolutely naked since she was wearing no panties. She closed her legs tightly, one over the other to hide her pussy.
Kya hua? Taange toh kholo sweety Sharam aa rhi hai she said fluttering those beautiful eyelids. Sharam kaisi meri jaan yehi toh asli pyar hai. Agar yeh galat hota toh bhagwan ne hume yeh feelings di hi na hoti” he replied while gently moving her legs to reveal her virgin pussy milky white and hairless like the rest of her body. The lower lips fluttering in desire and the wetness inside slightly visible between them.
Wow aisi chut maine kabhi nhn dekhi itni chikni? Wax krti ho kya? Nhn buddhu abhi mujhe wahan baat nhn aate. Kya baat kr rhi ho! Kamaal ki cheez ho tum meri jaan and then he started licking her baby pink clit mmmm her body was responding wildly to the stimulation as she was biting her lower lip to stop the moans from getting louder every time he kissed her clit
She lifted her lower body slightly towards his mouth as his tongue started working up her pussy she was craving for more and more uuummm bas karo sooraj mm ab sehen nhn hota mm aag si jal rhi hain jahan tum choom rhe ho. Jaan abhi toh kuch bhi nhn kia maine tumhari choot ka asli yar toh bahar aaya hi nhn abhi tak and sooraj starts climbing on the bed beside her.
Usse nikal lete hain ab bahar bechara tadap rha hoga na and she says with a coy look on her face and starts to unzip his pants and his already hard cock rising inside his briefs. She pulls the underwear down and his hard dick sprigs out right in front of her. She rests it on her palm and looks at it curiously. The virgin girl was seeing a man’s tool for the first time.
Then she looks up at him and asks ab kya krun? Mujhe toh aata bhi nhn darro mat jaan pyar karo jaise maine tumhari choot ko kia bas waise hi baaki sab apneaap ho jayega trust me. She nods her head in agreement and looks towards his uncut cock throbbing on her palm. The anticipation of what happens next was killing Sooraj from the inside. He was getting super excited just by the thought of those rosy lips wrapped around his hot rod as he is lying on his back and Sheena sitting holding his dick.
She starts licking it softly and giving short gentle licks on the top as she slowly starts pulling back the skin of his dick. She closes her eyes and gives a smooch right at the tip. Her tongue touching the little opening is enough for Sooraj to go crazy oohh baby yeah that’s so good he says in pleasure. She licks the mushroom shaped cap, moving her tongue’s tip round and round along the edges.
Sooraj lets out a loud moan yeah baby you’re a natural. Just keep going honey ohhhh being a first timer she was not able to deep throat his dick nor did she try but focused on the mushroom cap only and Sooraj was in no mood to complain. His dick felt the warm moistness of her mouth as she sucked on his cock like a lollipop. The mushroom was inside her mouth and her fingers were massaging the shaft after a few moments.
She let go of his cock and it came out of her mouth with a popping sound. She giggled hearing it. I hope tumhe bhi utna hi mzaa aa rha hai jitna mujhe aa rha tha jab tum meri choot chaat rhe the usse bhi jyada meri jaan aisi feelings kabhi nhn aayi mujhe. He said while lifting his cock with two fingers and showing her the lower side of his shaft.
She understood the meaning and placed soft kisses on the underside of the shaft, from top towards bottom, reaching his balls finally. She kissed the balls softly then tooh one of them into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue and then the other making loud slurping sounds tatte toh aajtak kissi ne nhn chuse jaaaan ohhh I love you baby said Sooraj as the pleasure reached its maximum.
Bas ab toh tumhare saath judna hi hoga aur nhn ruk skta and he started getting up as Sheena gave a long slurp wet lick along his shaft and her drool dropping on his cock and just mere seeing this seen would make any man cum in pleasure Sooraj was thanking god in his heart that it was happening with him. Sooraj got off the bed and kissed Sheena on the lips. He could taste a little saltiness of his pre cum as he sucked on her tongue.
What do we do next? She asked him with an innocent look on her face. I make you a woman now as he pushed her gently on to the bed yet again and pulled her legs towards him and her legs dangling from the bed with her torso lying on it and he was standing right in the middle of her open legs staring at the tightest of the tight virgin pussy he was about to split open. The glossy baby pink clit gleaming between her creamy white pussy lips.
He started softly rubbing his finger round and round on the clit making her moan in pleasure uuum then he started moving his finger up and down slowly along the pussy lips a few times and then suddenly pushing it in a little aaahn jaan mat daalo ummm Sheena said as she felt the tinge of pain but a lot of pleasure after a little while of fingering and playing with her pussy he separated the lips with his fingers. Tum aise khol ke rkho inhe Sheena.
She obeyed without questioning as she bent her knees and used her finger to expose her tiny love hole. Sooraj started rubbing his dick at the opening along the clit and his cock transferring the warmth to her pussy making it hotter and her pussy transferring the moistness onto his dick lubricating it. Both of them were enjoying this bliss.
Ab tum ready ho baby? Sooraj asked to confirm but he knew even if she said no he had to go for the kill otherwise he will end up coming in a while anyway oohhh haannn jaan um but halke se daalne main marr jaungi wrna um. Kuch nhn hoga jaanu bas aur mzaa aayega tumhe and he said as he inserted the cap of his dick into her pussy but it was so tight it would not go in aaahh and she let out a moan grabbing her legs together and lifting them.
He went into her again this time harder, inserting the mushroom head inside her and he used his hand to press it inside because he knew her little hole would not be able to take the thick rod at once he got it in her he kept it there not moving for a few moments and let her absorb the moment aaahhhh jaaann and she moaned as her body started mixing the pain in extreme pleasure and she grabbed the bed sheet with both her hands.
Then Sooraj thrust his dick deeper into her pussy aahh jaan tumhari choot poori gili ha bilkul chipchipi ho chuki hai mmmmm. Sheena had closed her eyes and could hardly listen to what he was saying. She was experiencing pleasure like never before as Sooraj’s thrusts started getting deeper and harder and so did her moans and she let out a scream which meant Sooraj had broken the virgin seal and she was no longer a virgin.
He went deeper and deeper into her and supporting his weight on his hands placed on her either side as he drilled deeper both of them were getting closer to the climax it was only a matter of a few minutes now. He was stroking it hard into her now, his balls hitting her pussy with every stroke. ohhhh Sooraj meri choot bahut garam ho rhi hai ahhhhh jaan mera bhi muth nikalne hi wala hai ahhhh ab aur nhn ruk sak ahhhh 
And his body jerks in fits as his he spilled out his load into her deflowered pussy. One after the other jolts of orgasm hit him as his cock continued to eject cum into her. He ejected five times inside her and every time she felt the warm cum flowing into her aahhhh mzaa aa gya meri jaan”he said as he pulled out his dick from her pussy.
The tiny pussy obviously could not take in all the cum and so a little steam of his semen was slowly flowing out from between her pussy lips. He moved his finger against the flow towards her hole not realising that she was so sensitive right now as soon as he reached the clit, her pussy starting throwing out more streams but this time it was her cuming aahhhhh
She screamed as she had her first orgasm both of them lay there naked hugging each other. Sheen placed her head on his chest, her boobs pressing against his bare torso and his cock rolling out to the side as they hugged and there was no place left between them. For a few moments they did not say a word, just lay there panting, tired by the long session of sexual bliss.
Itna mazza mujhe pehle kabhi nhn aaya sex mein jitna aaj tumhare saath aaya sheena. Mujhe toh pta hi nhn tha iss masti ka joh aaj chadi mujhe ab reh nhn paungi iske bina both of them hugged and laughed and later on the night as they were watching TV after getting dressed, there was a knock on the door. Sheena opened as Sooraj looked on from behind mummy aap log aa gye! Badi der lga di said sheena
Han beta ab shaadi thi toh der toh ho hi jati hai arre sooraj beta tumhe jyada pareshan toh nhn kia sheena ne Shweta bta rhi thi tum bahut gussa the woh chaabi rkhna bhul gyi thi tab Sheena’s mother asked sooraj. Han aunty tab bahut gussa bhar gya tha but thnks to sheena, saara ka saara bahar aagya he replied looking towards Sheena. Humari beti ka toh nature hi aisa hai Kyunji? Sheena’s mother said looking towards her husband who nodded in agreement. Sheena gave a naughty smirk to sooraj as he left her house with his wife Shweta.
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