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Search Of PG Turned Into Sex Ride

Hi Friends, Very happy to post my shocking real experience which happened when I was home alone. This is my first time posting so please excuse any typos. My name is Murali age 28 years, stay in Bangalore. I am average built guy with 5.6 height and somewhat good looks and one bright sun day I was travelling from majestic to my place as there was no reservation for ladies in Volvo buses.
I just sat in front with one seat left out bus was almost full and a beautify girl came and sat next to me. I heard on her phone call, Name: Bindu which was only seat left out as usual, I just had glance at the girl she was very pretty with perfect shape. I just started watching outside the windows due to heavy traffic bus was moving very slow as its peak hours.
She got call from one of her friend then I came to know on their conversation as her name is Bindu. She was guiding to search some PG which was lucky next to my house. I did not say anything as you know people thing I started flirting girl as soon as we reached the bus stand both got down and she asked me if I know this PG.
I said yes, it’s near and also said It’s opposite to my house. I can show her the route if she doesn’t mind. She thanked me and we started walking toward the PG, on the way she said she is new to Bangalore and got job in (XYZ) company and need PG near so she can travel easily. I showed the PG and left after few min I came out of my house which is in first floor and I saw she was standing outside the PG
She saw me and smiled and I asked what happened she came near to floor and said the PG owner is on the way will take another 45 minutes it seems so I am waiting. I asked she can come and sit in my house if no problem. She said it’s ok. I said no problem you can she agreed and came. I gave some water. I switched on the TV and we were watching and were discussing about her education and hometown all blabla.
She got call after some 50 minutes that the PG owner is waiting and come any time to see PG. She thanked me for the company and left to see PG as I work in night shift and I though let me sleep as it was almost 1 PM thought of having food but who will prepare as my wife had left early in the morning and I sleep in my birth suit due to these sunny days. I was about to sleep door bell rang.
I though who the hell at this time and opened the door just covering towel to surprise Bindu came again and said thank you it was good PG and I will be shifting this weekend. I gave suggestion to check for washing machine and food quality to that she said ya I have verified and it seems to be good to which she break for some second and said my friend she is also joining along with me and wants to be in same PG. 
I need to give some advance so I called her and she will be coming in some time if don’t mind can I talk to you still she comes. I said ok no problem I asked her to come in. I forgot I am only in towel and she was watching my nude chest. I just ignored it switched on TV as it was afternoon I asked if she had any food to which she said not yet I will go with my friend once she reaches here as even I did not had.
I will prepare Maggi will you be interested to have one. She said yes I was feeling too hungry but as it new area she was not sure about good hotels here and was waiting for my friend. I said no problem and started preparing magi she felt comfort with me and came to kitchen and we started talking and also about my marriage and my wife company etc. suddenly I asked how about boyfriend do you have one?
How will you spend your time in weekend? She said no I don’t have one to which I was just kidding her saying. I don’t believe you being such a beautiful, sexy girl you don’t have one and I doubt on you. She became shy and just was watching how I was cooking asked if she can use toilet. I showed her the way. I came back to kitchen and was just seeing magi if it’s completed. She just came behind and asked for towel before.
I speak she just pulled my towel which I was wearing to my waist which was shocking scene of my life to which she just stood like stone staring my big dick. I just closed dick with hands. She saw my eyes straight and said it’s my first time ever seeing a nude dick and pressed it removing my hand omg! I was in heaven she slowly sat down and started to kiss, squeeze press everything to my big boy.
It rose straight like iron rod she started pumping it using hands when she put her mouth. I was lost in heaven and that why we call sex is one thing which god gifted us and we need to make most use of it and we had this session in kitchen till I cum she drank it completely. I switched off the stove she took me to bed room she said always she used to watch BF and used to think of when she can enjoy all this which came true today.
She asked me to give back the same fun to her and I slowly removed her light green top started kissing from ears, eyes, slowly to lip and we locked there for some time. I slowly removed her bra and freak what a view she had 34 size boobs which just came out like jet train it was so well shaped. I started squeezing and enjoyed every part of her boobs she was in heaven and started to monk like
Wow yes please drink more squeeze it oh my good aha aha ufffff yes and then I started slowly to remove her jeans and panty she was already wet. I slowly parted her legs and started licking her from bottom of her leg till her pussy it was so good with clean shave and little hairs as I started licking she was taking out all sort of noise ahhh ahhh oh ohh yes ahhh my yes come on yes
I was worried about neighbours so asked her to put handkerchief inside her mouth so no noise will come out her pussy was so smooth and she was just jumping from bed for the ultimate pleasure. I slowly started fingering inside her pussy it was dam tight her body started jumping on bed so I slowly inserted little bit of my finger by this time my dick was already ready to drill any whole in full speed.
I started slowly inserting inside her pussy and she was not able to control as she was virgin but after few in and out I was able to push and she was crying for the pain but was enjoying the act blood came out a bit but she just wanted to push as much as possible without stopping. I pumped her slowly to top speed to which she was sweating and her whole body was wet and I was about to cum.
I removed it and dropped every bit of cum on her boobs after nearly 1 hr of this act and we collapsed on each other and we took cold bath and she thanked me for wonderful ride of her dream which came true after long time. I too thanked her for this opportunity she got dressed up and started having magi while talking I came to know her friend and herself were lesbians they used to enjoy in night in their college days but never had guts to enjoy the same with any boy.
She got call from her friend that she just reached the bus stop and will be coming Bindu finished her magi and I went down and was waiting near the PG her friend came she just waived me and she said something to her friend both waived and went inside the PG. I just came back and slept thinking is it dream or really what a unexpected day. Thank you sex goddess please comment on my really experience. I will be waiting for all your feedback and thank you all for reading you can mail me at iaminbng@gmail.com
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