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Priya Loses Virginity

Hello guys and this is Ravi Teja from Hyderabad and let me describe myself. I am a 22 year old guy with 6ft and 75kgs body.  I am the only son of rich parents.. Hence I was provided with all the luxuries and have bad habits like smoking and drinking.
Let’s come to the story and I live with my parents in a bungalow. To take care of me my parents had hired a maid as they are out of station most of the time. Her name is Priya and she is 18 years old with a beautiful body of 34 24 36.
I was unhappy when my parents told me about her as she could disturb my privacy with my girlfriends. But my parents were adamant and called her to the house. I accepted her the moment I saw her and she had come in a kurti above jeans and I fucked my girlfriend 3 times that day by just remembering her.
I decided to hook her down after some days my parents went abroad for 15days due to some work and I was left alone with her. The first day I woke up to see her sweeping the floor. Her cleavage was visible from above her kurti and I immediately got a hard on and I masturbated then and there in the blanket.
I then got up freshened myself and came out in towel. I went to the kitchen and saw her cooking with sweat dripping down her body. I got an instant hard on and I moaned slowly for her to hear. She turned back saw me and lowered her eyes which rested on my hard on and a naughty smile crept upon her face.
This was signal enough for me to know that she is also interested in fucking me and I went close enough to her so that my 7 inch dick touches her legs. She came closer to me and our lips met. A full 15 minute kiss followed during which I became fully naked and she was left only kn bra and panty.
I then took her to a mini bar in my house where I poured red wine in 2 glasses and offered her one. While drinking the wine she told me that she had seen me fucking my girlfriend 2 days before and had wanted me in bed ever since.
I then went closer to her and pressed her boobs to which she responded with a slow ahh. She then went down and took mu dick in her mouth. Since she was a amateur she couldn’t do it properly bit learnt it quickly. Meanwhile I lit a cigarette and started enjoying her amateur licking.
After 10 mins I took her to a nearby couch and started licking her love hole. Let me tell you all I must have fucked at least 20 girls by now but I had never got the taste which I got in Priyas pussy.
Gosh! Her sweet juices mixed with her sweat due to hard work made me to lick her for 30 min nonstop during which she came at least 5 times. Atlas she started begging me to enter her but I wanted to tease her more and I started kissing her body all over.
The best part was her armpits smelly due to sweat but delicious enough to keep me busy for another 15 min. Finally she caught hold of my head and begged me to enter her. I got ready for the attack and placed my dick at the door of heaven.
I entered her slowly as I couldn’t bear the sight of this love goddess in pain. I wanted this to be the best fuck of her life. Hence I slowly and steadily entered her pussy while continuously kissing her to minimize her pain.
Finally I gave a powerful stroke and many things happened at the same time. Her hymen broke and blood started pouring out and she left a deafening scream. I immediately started licking her lips and tongue while giving slow but powerful shots.
After some time her scream turned into pleasure and she entered the world of heaven on earth. I fucked her pussy for 20 min and left my love juice deep inside her and after that I lied down beside her and we both started playing with our tongues. Please comment if you liked my story.
I will write about how I penetrated her ass and our relationship after this fuck in other parts if I get the correct response. For feedback mail me at raviteja54hyd@gmail.com 
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