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Once In Aavadi

It happened 2 years back and I was 24, working in a hospital near Aavadi, in Chennai after my studies. I was staying with my friend who is a male nurse in same hospital in room given by hospital, which was bit far from hospital, in a lonely place and story starts from the day some nursing students came to hospital for training in another 2 days.
I heard that one girl in that group enquired about me to my colleagues. I found that girl, let us call her Anitha, 19, just completed her diploma in nursing and waiting for results so joined in our hospital as trainee. She was a slim one, with bit curly hair but looking fair and good, later she told me that she is a Chennai born Malayali girl that’s why she become more attached with me.
I started talking with her and she immediately became very close to me. We shared our phone numbers, started casual messaging, sometime calling also. I took extra care to avoid direct talks when other staffs is with us, because some people already started teasing us. So we found phone is the best way for communication.
That time I preferred duty from 7-3.30 but her duty was till evening 7. So after her duty, she usually calls me and we catches share auto to Aavadi, and there we drink coffee, channa masala or ice cream, something like that till her bus comes. It happened every day, except in night duty shift times.
We both enjoyed this because, it was a crowded place and so, people will not recognize us. But I never even tried to touch her on all these times and it continued for 1-2 months. Once she wanted to see my room and I allowed her when my partner was outside. She just came and left.
One day our duty changed and I got 12-9 duty. She got 8-4. So we missed our evening meeting, but keep in touch through phone calls. She starts from her home by 6.30 and reaches hospital after 7.30, and my room is in between hospital and bus stop.
One day I wake up early, wanted to drink a strong tea. So I went out and bought one cover milk. It was around 6.30 am. That time she called me to say good morning. While talking she told me that her uncle dropped her in bike and so she will reach in hospital very early, around 7 am.
I told her that my roommate went to kerala if you’re coming to room. I will give you strong tea, and she agreed. I unlocked the gate. Road was empty. Anitha came inside. She was looking very good, in a pink churidar with golden flowers in it, brown bag and a white plastic cover with her uniform. 
She was too tired, because, last day she had theatre duty and there was an emergency surgery in evening. So Anitha left late and so she couldn’t sleep well also. I allowed her to lay in my bed and I prepared tea after that she became too tired and again lay in my bed.
I sat in a chair near to her and started speaking casually, all the time she closed her eyes and talked to me that time I didn’t wearing jutty and my cock started standing up but without showing anything, I speak with her, when I realized that she is very tired I gave an idea to call our doctor
And tell her that she will be late. So that she can sleep more time in my bed. She did it 4m my phone itself thank god, doctor was not having my number. She was lying sidewise in my bed and her chudi slit went wrong and her thighs were very clear to me.
I realized this is the best time for doing anything, but I never did it before, and I need a condom also. I told her that you rest here, I will go out to buy news paper and I switched off light, locked the room from outside. I went to buy a news paper but what I want was a condom.
I know a medical store, which is near to market, and it opens at 7 am. I went there. Unfortunately a girl was sitting there after waiting some time I bought moods from her and returned to room and locked the gate. She was not slept.
I told her I need some space in bed, to sleep. She didn’t replied and I removed my shirt, and wear lungie and lay near to her, she was still lying in her side. I put my hand in her stomach, and gradually moved up to her boobs and pressed it wwah, so soft and I told Anitha that this is the softest thing and I ever touched and she laughed and moved to me.
I hugged her, and now I was in top and we talk so many things like her periods, her menarche, how to use whisper etc. I told her I wanted to see her boobs without caring her disapproval I tried to remove her top, her top was so tight and I struggled to pull it up.
She was wearing a nice sandal colour shimees with laze works, and black 30 size bra. I opened it, nipples were small, and started licking it. She reached in her mood as I have seen slim girls like boob plays more, even they may reach in organism just by boob play itself where as fatty ladies doesn’t like it much again.
I wanted her to see her pussy. She refused and when over I touched panty, she hold my hands very tightly, but I removed her pant gradually by talking to her. Her panty was red in colour with a big flower in front area and I asked why you kept a flower here, and she laughed a lot. I compelled her lot to see her hairy area.
To change her mind I undressed myself, but she refused to look at my cock. So I took her hand to my cock, and she shocked by this at last I moved her panty down till knee, but she closed that area with her hands. I kissed in her hands, gradually I removed her hand and I saw that area, it was very bushy, full of thin hairs and I kissed there a lot and we both enjoyed a lot.
Anitha told she usually shaves her pussy hair once in a week, every Sunday while bathing, but now a day’s very busy and couldn’t remove it. I asked her permission, to remove it. Anitha refused and told the story when she first shaved her mom gave her a razor and she only taught her how to shave.
This time my cock was totally erect and wet and wanted to insert it. I told her about sex and how to do it then I showed my cock to her. She shocked, never expected this much size refused to insert it since she got afraid. Gradually she agreed, and told that she is afraid of pregnancy.
I showed the packet of condom, and she said nothing again I removed her dress, and started kissing later licking her boobs, put my finger inside her wet pussy. It was very painful to her. So I applied some oil in hand and inserted. That time it was ok.
I allowed her to put condom over my penis, and inserted, as she was a staff nurse, she knew how 2 wear a condom after giving so many kisses in her pussy and I told her to show me the way to my small baby. She did it, but was shivering bit. I pulled it inside it was very tight, and painful to her.
I relaxed her, by deviating by telling other things, so took around 30 minutes to insert it. She cried at first, later I applied more oil, and she became relaxed. I took 2 shots, for second shot, taught her how to do hand job, and she did it nicely.
We both were very tired, and time was 8. 30 am and she wanted to dress up but I was naughty, wanted to cut her pussy hair. I took my small scissors, and did it and at time I realized that she started her bleeding. She was a virgin. I got really afraid, because her uniform is white, if bleeding continues Anitha cannot do duty.
She was not even having a pad with her and so I went out and bought a packet of whisper, and a same colour panty. I reached in hospital around 12. She was in the reception area. She gave me a sweet smile. It was the best smile and I ever got from any girl and this was my first experience and her also. Please comment on my experience in cochin20@gmail.com
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