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Nice Secretary of Dhaka

It was an ordinary day, until a sexy older lady walked into the office. She had a resume in her hands. I found that her name is "Sharmin, she is 36 years of age and a great body with firm 36DD boobs.I knew on the spot that we definitely needed to hire her by the way she carried herself and how she kept herself, if she had any office skills at all. She went back to the boss’s office and had her interview and left. 

Jewel and I both said at the same time hire that girl and he said he already did, she starts Wednesday. Jewel and I just smiled. Well, When she started, I happened to be working in town that month. A week later it was secretary’s day and the boss had an appointment for lunch, so I took her to lunch for secretary’s day for him. She was looking hot, too. 

We had lunch and I learned that she did not have a boyfriend and liked younger men. When we got back to the office the boss was not back, yet said he would not be back for quite awhile. She gave me a hug thanking me for lunch and she held me close for what seemed like eternity. I don’t know what came over me, but I grabbed her butt and kissed her full on the lips. She kissed back and pulled me tighter. 

I ran my hand over her firm bottom and slid my other hand between her legs and caressed her inner thigh with it, softly sliding it up to her belly and back again. She moaned and said “you are making me wet”. I moved my hand to her panties and eased it inside them slowly playing with her wet swollen love button. I told her “ you certainly are”, as I fingered her to climax. The phone rang and she had to answer it. 

It took her a min to get her breath back, and she finally said something on the phone that halfway made sense. Just then, the boss pulled up outside the office. She told the person on the phone that he had just pulled up and put them on hold. She smiled at me and told me to come to her house that evening and bring Jewel with me. I agreed and left. 

After getting directions from her over the phone Jewel and I were on our way. I had not told Jewel anything about that afternoon so he had no idea about what was about to transpire, and had only the slightest inkling myself. When we got there, I knocked on that door and she answered wearing a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt. Jewel looked at me and I just smiled. She said grinning, “I hope yall don’t mind that I went ahead and got comfortable”. 

I replied, “No, not at all”. She grabbed me and pulled me to her and pressed her lips to mine and she put her hand on my rock hard codpiece. Jewel’s eyes about popped out of his head cause now he knew that we were both about to nail this woman. She broke our kiss and looked at him and said “you ever done anything like this”. She reached over and grabbed him by the belt and me by the hand and led us to her bedroom. 

We started undressing on the way leaving a trail of clothing on the floor through the house. She pushed Jewel down on the bed and started to suck his cock. I came around behind her and spread her legs enough so that I could eat that sweet poontang. I started slowly at first, not touching her clit. She was already wet so I did not have to get her juices flowing. 

I then began to circle her love button with my tongue. I did a little z pattern on her and eased in a finger. And then I wrote my ABC’s on her budding flower and fingered her to climax. She turned her head towards me and said stick me with that prick of yours. Then she continued working on Jewel. 

Not being one to complain, I stuck my dick in her tight pussy till my balls slapped her thighs. “Oh yeah, that is what I want” she gasped. By now Jewel had that look on his face and I knew he was about to blow his spunk down her throat. She started moaning louder as I could see cum running down her chin in the mirror on the wall. Now I had her full attention, I started to drill her like an oilrig drills the earth. 

“ Oh god”, she gurgled, not having swallowed all of Jewel’s goo. “I’m cumming!” she said. Jewel was hard again by now and said, “let me have a piece of that”. So, I pulled out and she said I want you both in me. I lay on my back and she positioned herself to take my cock up her ass and allow Jewel access to her sopping wet pussy. 

I let her do the work, as I did not want to hurt her. Once I was inside her she pulled Jewel by the dick to her and he eased it in her. “Oh, it has been so long since I have had two dicks in me”, she sputtered. Once we got our rhythm going we just pounded her like two pistons at full throttle. She could not say anything but aahh. 

After about twenty mins of this I could take no more. I told her that I was going to fill her ass with my cream. She gasped for air and said, “Fill my cd ass with your cum. ” At this Jewel and I both spewed all inside her. We just laid there a min and rested. 

We did it several more times that evening. She invited us back the next weekend, too. Guess she just couldn’t get enough of us. If any Bangladeshi Aunt, Sister interested in me, please send your feedback
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