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My True Love Story

I have been a regular reader to most of the stories that I use to get on my mail and it feels great, someone writing his own stories and sharing with all. But nowadays when I don’t get any stories I feel like sharing my own story with you all. As I am missing these stories you might be missing too.
Let me introduce myself to all of you. This is Rehaan Ahmed, not much but 5’10 inches of height,,, in my 26th year and as every1 says,,, smart, good looking,,, but look much better if I wear something black,,, not that very fair,,, and I am from the city of joy, Kolkata (Calcutta). We have our own business and till date my Abbu (my dad) is looking after it. Since I completed my graduation, I too attend the business place every day, but take a leave if got to be with my friends (very rare) or my partner (most often). I am a guy of commitment and as SALMAN KHAN says in WANTED “ek baar  jo maine commitment karli toh main apne aap ki bhi nahin sunta” this line is made for me. Since my long time girlfriend got married and the only girl I love till date. I never fallen in love with any1 and neither do I want to. My GF is in love with me too. As this is also a commitment that we will never stop loving each other, either we are together or not. Oh so sorry,,, my friends,,, why I am boring you,,, talking all the rubbish for you all,,,, so friends if you just want to read the erotic part of this story then directly go to the next page and if you really want to know about our love story,,, then keep on reading.
She was ZOHRA,,, the love of my life. Same age as of mine she was a very good looking, and almost looked like a doll, with the best assets (assets that I like) and she was 5’7.5” has a 32B-26-34.5 flat and toned body, though she was not the visitor of gym she weighed 52 kilograms.  She walked straight and had very attractive bums. Round and protruded bums which has a symbol of a love bite on the right one and one on her left thigh given by me later. She demanded me for that and was her only demand. She was like any1 could do anything for her if she agrees to date or marry any proposal she got. Even I was, very much attracted to her and use to praise for her beauty when there was no one around, but did not propose her as I was curious of my studies and was a topper in my class and for me this is not the time for all this stuff and I should look after my carrier first. She did get many proposals from others but refused just because of her parent’s dignity, fearing they would get insulted if she has to run away with the guy as she has been taught not to fall in love if you don’t know the guy very well.
The incident is of when we were both in our 12th standard. She was the daughter our maid ABC. I used to call her ABC Aunty, was very loyal and trustworthy. And she was like a family member. She got paid for her work and as for her loyalty my parents would look after her every possible need, as you can take Zohra and her brother XYZ, goes to a good school in that area. We would help and look after everything that she needed but only to a limited extent. Her mom was to drop her at school and while returning as my school was some distance away, I pick up her and we returned home by our car. If I don’t go to school for some reason her mom goes to pick her up from school.
It was that one day I was at my home and there was a lot of work done to be done because my whole home was getting cleaned after the painting work and that my Ammi (my mom), ABC aunty and two other labour were busy and that ABC aunty cannot go to pick Zohra. My Ammi asked me if I could do that and being an obedient boy I agreed and left for her school. I took a cab as our driver was on leave and reached her school. She was a bit shocked to see me as never did I go to her school alone to pick her. She introduced her friends to me and I introduced myself as a friend of her.

We left after her friends had gone. “Where is Maa and Why did you come?” she enquired. “They are all busy at home as there is some work to be finished” I replied and we started to move looking for a cab as we were at a crossing she hold my hand and said “We would stuck in a jam as always better we take a shortcut and be at home.” I started to move with her and could see guys staring at her. I asked her “Who among these boys is your boyfriend.” “You” came the reply from her and I stopped in astonishment. She added “can’t you be my boyfriend.” “Stop talking rubbish and move.” I said to her and we started to move. “I don’t have any boyfriend as I am not allowed to do all this stuff, you know my Maa very well how curious she is about me. She drops me and while you return home you from your school and tuition, pick me up. I get help in my studies from you or your mom. I don’t go out alone. So how will I have boyfriend. I did get some proposals from my neighbors and your neighbors too. But I am not interested in them as I don’t know them well enough to fall in love with. I spend most of my time at your home and if you are not interested in me how can I fall for those whom I rarely know,” she was saying these to me and I interrupted “you speak so much just have replied in a yes or no,,, that’s all anyway I don’t believe you don’t have any boyfriend and that you are not seeing some1.” “Though we are not friend type and If I tell you that I am seeing some1,,, will you tell my Maa about this.”
She asked and I replied “though often I quarrel with you but that doesn’t mean that we are not friend, I do this just to show every1 that there is no attachment in between you and me. Now if you think me as your friend and you can tell me who the guy is, you are seeing, I won’t be telling to any1.” “Nobody knows, rather than my three friends you met right now. I am seeing a guy since my childhood. I see him every day but since last four years I am having a soft corner for that guy. As most of the guys propose, I am waiting for his proposal.” I asked “what if he proposes you, what will you do. You know your parents will never give you to him.” “No matter whatever happens, if he proposes I will be all his officially or unofficially. I won’t for be caring for anything. I will just be for him; my life will be for him.” She replied and I could see the affection of love in her eyes and handing her bottle of water from her bag I asked “who is that lucky guy.” “You know him very well and the day he proposes, you will be the first person to know about him.” We were at our place and while walking through the stairs, she hold my hand and added “as you said we are friends, please don’t ever disclose this to any1. I trust you and please don’t you ever tell any1.”
She went into the flat, went to change and was feeling very happy. I don’t know why, but I was getting very much worried about her and was always thinking of her. The more time passed the more I was getting attached to her, thinking of her that what if that guy uses her for his sexual need. She is so beautiful and has a wonderful assets any guy will do so. She said I know that guy, who is that guy. My friends parents will never accept her as their D.I.L. and neither my parents especially my Ammi will not accept if I propose her. So whoever the guy is will only use her. With every passing day, I was getting more and more attached to her. I finally made up my mind of proposing her. Ammi will not be accepting this, but I won’t allow any other guy to dump her.
I remember the date; it was Saturday 13th of July, 2002. As I could not sleep properly that whole week I woke up at around 12.30 pm and went to freshen up. I could see Zohra in a blue suit, sitting beside my Ammi. As we helped her in her studies, Ammi was doing so. I went to the toilet first and then to the bathroom. Thinking how should I tell her that I love her? After that I came to my room and with ABC aunty request she brought me my breakfast. I was on my study table with my head down. She asked me “what happened? Not feeling well” “it’s ok” I replied and took the plate from her. “So you don’t think me as your friend, if you then tell me why you are upset” she said and I replied “Zohra,,, I will tell you,,, but for now please leave me alone.” And she left.
At around 3 pm Ammi came to me and enquired as Zohra has told her I am being upset. But somehow I assured her that all because of my studies I am bit upset. I was in my balcony this time and was lost into her thoughts; Zohra came to me if I could help her in solving some equation. I was entering my room and she enquired again that if I wish I could tell her then. I took her hands pulled her into the room pushing her onto the walls I said “close your eyes and listen to what I say” I softly kissing on her lips “I have been liking you since how many years but from the day I heard about the guy you love I cannot be in a relaxed state. I don’t know about the guy and neither do I want to know about him, what I know and what I feel is that I have fallen in love with you. I do know that I cannot give you the official status of marriage with you as you know my Ammi very well, Abbu(my dad) will understand but she will never accept you. But anyway I love you and will always love you.” You can open your eyes. I felt some happiness in her eyes, but she didn’t say anything and pushing me back she left my room and all that day she was in the kitchen helping her mom.
I was very curious to know what her reply was and if she leaves today I could only meet her on Monday. And for me waiting was not possible. I was just moving here and there as if I could get some clue, but she was not seeing me at all. And it was 7 pm and she would leave now I was there at my hall waiting for some remark from her. She didn’t give me any and left. It was all boring on Sunday.
Then on Monday I didn’t go to school and wanted the reply that day itself. I made an excuse to my Ammi and said “I am going to see some friend and collect some notes from them, while returning should I pick Zohra” my Ammi replied positively and I left the place. I passed some time at the nearest park thinking of how to start the conversation. I then left from there and reached her school.
Soon the school got over and ZOHRA came along with her friends, seeing me she bid bye to her friends and came to me, stood in front of me and said ‘Lets Go’ I asked why did her friends go to which she replied, “they knew that you would be coming, as I had told them everything about your proposal.” She asked me if she could have something to eat. I agreed and took her to the nearby restaurant; seeing the restaurant she hesitated first but I affirmed her by saying nobody will see us as this restaurant has a separate cabin for families and friends.
We entered the cabin and I pulled the curtains on and ordered some snacks and cold drinks. I started the same topic by saying sorry to which she replied “what you are saying sorry” with an astonishing look at me. By this time the waiter brought our snacks and cold drink that I had ordered and he came in by knocking the panel of the cabin. I told the waiter not to disturb us for the next 10-15 minutes.
As I started the topic again, she said “be quite and shut your eyes off.” Being an obedient lover I did so and soon I can feel something on my cheek. To my surprise she kissed me and as soon as I opened my eyes I heard her saying “I love you more than you love me” she hugged me very tightly as if she won’t let me go anywhere she even said “Rehaan, whatever happens, I have loved you and my love will only be for you. Please Rehaan, don’t you ever leave me my love.” I hugged her too and we were in that same position for another 5 minutes. While hugging I could hear her weeping, so I put her back in the normal position seeing the tear on her face I handed her the snacks and I kissed her and exactly  on the place where the tear was. I licked the entire tear that was on her face. She was very happy and she started kissing me and even did I. soon the kiss turned on to some light smooches and we kept continuing these and suddenly we heard some sound that came from the main area of the restaurant and we got off that situation, had our snacks and left for our place. We hired a cab, we were sitting very nearby to each other, and then she said, “Rehaan, you are the only guy whom I said to like.” I was really very happy on hearing this and hugged her in the cab and even kissed her she moved me back saying, “we are about to reach your place and that the driver is seeing us. Don’t you are into your sence as what and where you doing.”
We used to take the stairs for my home on 3rd floor, I stooped her in between the stairs to love her and kiss her. We were getting used to all these stuff when there was no one around us, in my home. We used to feel everything but never did we use all that bad word and there was no bad feeling, we used to feel high in love but were in our limit.
One fine day her parents were to go to some DARGAH (mazaar as mostly said by we Muslims) and they would be leaving on Friday night and would return Monday morning. So they left Zohra with us, and as there was no problem, she used to stay with us when her parents were away out. But this time thing was different. I never knew what was going to be in the next two days. These days were written in gold in history of our life. Friday night , my parents called me for dinner and I excused myself by saying, “Abbu, you people start with dinner and I will join you in a moment as I have to solve some important question” as I had intention of having dinner with my love. As they were about complete, I reached to them and they were done with it. “What is this Ammi, you both have had your dinner, now that I have to eat alone. Leave it I won’t eat tonight and going to sleep.” And then there was the reply I was wanting to hear. My Ammi Holding my hand said, “OK, you don’t have to eat alone, Zohra is there you have it with her.”
I replied seeing and winking my eyes towards Zohra “Who? I am not going to have my dinner with this Bandariya” to which my Ammi replied “see at her, how sweet she is, so sweet,,, so cute,,, so adorable,,, why do you tease her like this all the time. Why cannot you both be friends? She continued “Zohra, beta go and bring two plates and I will serve you both. And Rehaan, you are to go with me at Khaala Ammi’s residence, as the wedding of Qainaat (my cousin sister) is in next week.” To which I replied “I cannot come as I have a cricket match.” Listening to this she said OK and Zohra brought the plates by then and my mom said her to sit beside me. As she being an obedient girl, she did so. My mom started to serve and I said, “don’t you have any respect for elders, she is serving us. Ammi you go we will do it our self.” “You again started” said my Ammi and my Abbu added “Beta, there is always an emotional attachment in between two people growing up together, I don’t know what is your feeling for her but when she will not be with you. It will hurt you, you will miss her.” Hearing to this comment from my Abbu, I smiled and understood what he meant but my Ammi was seeing him with some different eyes. I took the serving spoon from my Ammi and said them to leave and will do it myself. They left the hall and was in their room and will not come back unless they had to use the washroom or the toilet, which was common in our flat. I said soory for everything and that she can understand. We had our dinner together and some small encounter of love in between.
Next day my dad left for his office, I took my bat and to show my Ammi that I was going, left the home as there was no match I lied my Parents and was turning to be a very big liar these days just to be with Zohra. At around 11:30 am I called my home to find out whether Ammi has left or not and I got a positive reply. In 10 minutes I reached home, Zohra opened the door and I entered. Seeing me she asked, “What happened in the match?” I said “There was no match, and I lied last night. I am turning into a big liar.” She again asked me while moving towards the kitchen, “Why are turning into a liar” I moved toward her and hugged her from behind and said “Just for you,,, just to spend some time with you alone.” I started kissing her neck area my hands were on her belly and I could feel her ass crack. I didn’t do this intentionally was not aware about what is going to happen in the next few hours, she pulled me back saying, “Leave me Rehaan,,,, lot of work to be done. It is not like that, you are telling me lie.” She was in the kitchen and I hold her in the same position feeling her ass crack I said “Believe me,,, I don’t lie you and you are my only love and will never lie you” and I started kissing her more vigorously on her neck, her back. She started to moan aaah,,,, aaah,,,, Rehaan,,,, no baby not now,,,, oh ufffff,,,, stop it,,,, Leave me now Jaan,,,, Please,,,, Please,,,, Don’t do it now,,,, I plead you,,,, Rehaan,,,, my baby,,,, leave me,,,, Rehaan my love,,,, please,,,, no,,,, nnnooo,,,, aaaahh,,,, aaaaaahhhh,,,, mmmmnn,,,, ummmnn,,,, Love you my baby,,,, She stated moaning to my touches and her hands were on my hands pressing it harder.
Soon I started to play with her earlobes. I did not know what happened to her she shivered heavily, she pulled me back again. But I was not in the mood to listen so I started again in the same position as she was busy with cooking, I doing the same thing again and this time she turned around and her moans were going high at every second kiss. Lifting her by keeping my hands on her but I started to smooch her and soon we got into deep kissing exchanging our tongue, I took her by the kitchen wall lifted her up and hugged her deep kissing was on, I was moving my kisses all around her face and the area around breast. We could feel our genitals touching each other, she was moaning heavily and she whispered in my ears “I plead you Rehaan,,, please leave me baby,,, something is happening, and your that thing has gone very stiff and is hurting me on that thing” she hold me so hard that I had got scratches by her nails all over my back, I kept on doing it passionately involved into my play. While in exchanging kisses I sucked her tongue harder we were fearlessly doing it as there was no one at home and then the whistle of the pressure cooker disturbed us.
I kept the gas stove at the lowest flames and then the phone ranged. I knew it was my Ammi who called up to know whether I returned home and so I asked her to take the call as I was not at home, she picked the phone and there was no reply from the other side. I was standing behind her doing nothing. I was sure it would ring again and then the whistle blew again and simultaneously the phone rang, as I said it was my Ammi asking for me to which she said that I was not back. I sat on the couch nearby and she said “the food is almost ready, and I am going to take a bath; so that we could have our food without any mess and don’t you do anything after I take shower.” I was seeing her going towards the toilet her ass was moving more sexily than before. She came out of the toilet she moved towards the guest room as thing that happened at this moment was all for her. But I don’t know why I was feeling to miss something, feeling that I was not satisfied, she came out of the guest room some clothes in her and said kissing me on cheek “I am going for shower” to which I said “What if any phone comes, Ammi Abbu knows I am not at home.” “I will come and take the call”and she moved into the bathroom.
I went in my room changed, my dress and wore my shorts. I was sitting on the couch then I thought of doing a SHARARAT and I dialed a three digit number from my phone to which the BSNL landline rings automatically. I called up her and said “Zohra, there is someone calling on the phone,,, come soon” And I sat on the couch, as the bathroom was behind me I couldn’t see her coming, but soon she came I stood up. I was shocked to see her I have never seen before. Though she looked hot in her churidar suits that she usually wore all the time but she looking much more hotter now as she was just in a petticoat which was tied just on her breast,,, was an inch below her thighs and I could see her bare legs, bare chest above her breast,,,  she had much more fairer body underneath,,, her hair tied like a bundle on her head,,, she was looking the hottest with all assets she had. I could not move my eyes off her. I was lost in some different world and was really hard on my cock, then she brought me back by saying “if you could taken the call we would have known who it was, and why did you change everything is being seen” and she was moving back to the bathroom I stopped her saying “I too want to bath” she replied “OK wait for 10 minutes let me bath first then you can do with yours” I moved a step forward n kissed her on her lips and I said “I want to have shower with you” she replied “No, this wont be the right thing” holding her in my arms I whispered into her ears “I want to have shower with you, if not today, we don’t know when will this opportunity comes again in our life, jaan I love you,,, whatever comes our way today,,, let’s do it,,, don’t avoid,,, baby you are my life,,, my love,,, don’t leave me like this.” While I was saying all these to her I could feel her half bare back with my left hand and right one was on her left butt and my dick was in between her navel and somewhere above the pussy area.
She said “I do trust you more than anyone in this world and will do so forever but what if something happens more than we never thought of” I replied “We will try to be totally in our limits” and then she holded my hand, she taking me to the bathroom. We entered and she went under the shower and said “you bath with the bucket and when we are done we will have our lunch” saying this she put the shower on and after she was wet all over she put it off and sat on lower stool nearby and lifted the petticoat till the end of the thigh and was applying soap on her leg and said “what happened,,, why are you not bathing” I replied “I haven’t seen you like this before you look hot in your attire that you almost wear but now you are hottest girl on planet” she completed soaping her legs and stood on that 4 inch tool facing her back towards me and started to apply soap on the front part off the body, and all these she was doing the petticoat was coming up till her butt.
Her legs were joint to each other and the view was making me more harder on my cock. She said “Jaldi Nahaao” I added “Jaan, you are applying soap in front portion of your body, should I apply behind” She said “No, I will do it myself you just complete yourself.” “You, make me bath with your soft hands. I don’t even remember, when did last someone bathed me. Make this day of our life remarkable” I replied and she said ok and I started to rub her back with soap and scrub after some moment she said “I am almost done with mine, and you also leave it.” on listening to this I stopped and hugged her from behind my bare chest was touching her bare back as she was still rubbing she was still nude from front but I was unable to see as I was at the back, was kissing all over her back she was turned on with my kiss and my dick stretched at full… which she was feeling in between her legs. I wanted to see that front portion and didn’t gave her much space to free her hands as if I leave her, her hands will free the petticoat and it will go down. And I move to front hugging her very tightly and putting my dick in between her legs. I could feel the warmness of her cunt. We soon got involved into kisses and were doing it very passionately. Rehaan my love,,,, please,,,, no,,,, nnnooo,,,, aaaahh,,,, aaaaaahhhh,,,, mmmmnn,,,, ummmnn,,,, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
hmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaa,,,, my baby,,,, leave me,,, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaa,,,, Leave me now Jaan,,,, Please,,,, Please,,,, Don’t do anything,,,, no,,,, nnnooo,,,, no,,,, nnnooo,,,, aaaaaahhhh,,,, mmmmnn,,,, ummmnn,,,, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no,,,, nnnooo,,,, Though she insisted me to leave her, she was responding well to my kisses and returning me back, and then I made a mistake. Kissing her first time on her nipples over the petticoat I said “Jaan, I want to see you fully nude,,, can I” to which she replied pushing me back very hard “Since you came in the bathroom, I am feeling very uneasy, some feelings, something is happening inside me. But very hardly I am controlling, then you came and touched me, I controlled a lot and now no more. Jaan,,, now if we go beyond this there will nothing left,,, Jaan we both have crossed our limits and no more please.” On listening to this I wiped of my chest with towel and left to my without saying a single word.

After few minutes I was just lying on my bed, I sensed her coming to my room and I lied upside down the other pillow on my head as to cover my face. She sat beside me and started speaking to me, “I am sorry,,, I should have not said you all those,,, but situation was like that and I could not understand what to say and whatever I said came automatically on my lips,,, Forgive me na baby,,, I love you mera bachcha,,, please,,, please,,, please,,, maaf kar de na Jaan,,, I forgot that in any circumstances I am all yours baby only for you and my love will always be for you. “please you go away for now and you were right that I was crossing my limits and that I should be in limit for ever” I said and added “I am not even sure whether I would get that official status for this relationship so how could I do all this to, you should not be sorry but I am sorry. And that we would not be in this situation again. You just go away,,, leave me alone.”
She again said “Rehaan, you are taking things in different way, as I said that day no matter whatever happens if that guy proposes to me first I will be all for him in everyway without knowing that you were the guy you propose me and as you were the guy I accepted your proposal.” After few seconds she added “If I would have kept limits with me I wouldn’t have allowed you what we did all these days” there was a halt for few second and she said “are you angry to what I did or you really want us to be in our limits” I didn’t reply and neither was looking at her and didn’t even looked at her since she came in my room. She said in a very warm manner “I know my bachcha is very angry to me, but I know how to tackle with this situation” I was feeling some darkness in my room and later when I saw the curtains were pulled off she came standing beside saying “if my jaan,,, my bachcha,,,  my only1 in this world is really angry then he will not touch me while I play with his body. And she sat on my back and I can feel her warm cunt over her dress, she leaned and started kissing my and I was getting very sensual or sexual whatever you say, but couldn’t do any thing as I was angry. She was kissing me all over and with every kiss I was getting more hard on my cock and then she was kissing on my bums while she was doing this I could feel her bare legs touching mine I got more aroused and then she stopped came back on to my shoulder and kissing there she started biting me and she was biting it really hard and was doing it more harder and my teeth was clenched just not to make any sound as I wanted her to give me the love mark forever and suddenly she stopped and lying on my she started weeping.
I could see anything but I could not see her crying and so I turned on pushing her up holding her I said “I love you,,, baby please stop weeping” she hugged me back and said “do whatever you feel like but never ever you be angry to me like this.” “I was over with my anger when you came and said sorry,,, I was just playing with you and if I wouldn’t done this I wouldn’t have got this gift from” showing her the mark of her teeth on my shoulder. I hugged her, “your thing is disturbing me since you came back home” she said slapping lightly onto my dick, see this shy less creature not even still on getting a slap. He is very arrogant and full of attitude you don’t do it again. He is fearless and revenge is his only reply. So better don’t do it again.” “Achchha we will see,,, who win the race” she said pushing me back on bed and sat on pressing my dick, infact she was slightly rubbing it with the help of her cunt. I pushed her on the bed and now I was on top. I started kissing from her forehead to her eyes then on her cheeks and finally we started our play again passing through her neck I kissed her nipples again but this time she did not resist and pressed my head harder on her boobs, we were doing all this in full pleasure when again I said “what do you say about the thing that I said you in the bathroom”  ”if you think its ok, you go for it after all I am all yours forever.” She said. I added “Reply in a positive way just yes or no”. She got off the bed and this time she was just in the frock and there was no pyjama or churidar she wore. “Where are you going” I asked. She stopped near by my study table and gave me a naughty smile stretched her arms and said “come forward baby,,, I am all yours,,, you can do any thing you feel like,,, Qubul Hai,,, yes baby come on,,, come forward,,,” I didn’t need any second invitation and In one step in front of her. She switched off the light.
There was a dim light as the curtains were off I switched on the light again but she protested to which I said “let it be jaan as the curtains are off” and she agreed. I hugged her and said “thank you jaan” “no need of thank you as I also wanted after your invitation” she said turning around towards the table. I again hugged her pressing my dick on to her back and just above her ass crack. “Proceed baby” said she in a very low voice. I turned her face towards me “don’t you want mine to see” I said and soft kissed on her lower lips. “I don’t want to this troubling monster for the moment right now,,, later.” And she kissed me back and turned around saying “proceed.”
My only love till date today was all there for me. I kept on moving my one hand on her bare back,,, with the other one was on her breast. Then she with her hands on mine placed it on the zip of her frock. “Don’t waste time,,, playing just go for it.” I was opening it very slowly with kisses on every step and finally it was all unzipping done. Then coming back to the position I kept the dress off her shoulder. Kissed there, she shivered a bit and very slowly as I was not in a hurry opened the dress. She was just in her inner wear and looking very hot. Her back so beautiful, you cannot wonder how beautiful it was. Her bums, though it looked sexy when she was in dress all the time, it was like it was more sexier now like it ahd got lifted a bit more and had gone more stiffer. I was like going a mad guy behind her and was kissing softly on all parts of her back and with each kiss she just aaaahhed. I turned her around and as she turned she hugged me, I didn’t know what to do then I was pussing her back but she had hold me so tightly that she was not moving a bit. She was also getting the feel of my dick on area in between belly and vagina. I kissed her like that on her shoulder and on her neck and said “the time is running very quickly” she loosened her grip. My beauty,,, my jaan,,, the love of my lifetime was just in front of me in a semi nude condition feeling shy but was all mine.
I made her sit on the study table and stood in front of her hugging and moved more further so that I could feel the warmness of her pussy on my dick I hugged her hard and she did the same. We kissing each other like the couples who meet once in a months and then I was fumbling as I had never opened a girls brassieres ever it was tight enough so she helped me out in doing so,,, I just took it off too see a pair of boobs,,, never touched,,, never sucked,,, was not an inch of sagging… was there for me only. She had her eyes closed, “Jaan I have kissed it over your,,, can I have the pleasure off kissing now,” I asked to which she replied “do whatever you feel like, please do not ask me further question.” I made my move and placed my lips on her right breast first at it had a mole on it. I kissed on the mole first. Her hands were in between my hair and on my first kiss she hold it so tightly that she might have had my hair in her hands. Then kisses were all over the breast plying with one kisses with the other.
Later I discover that by this time she had my dick in her hand playing with both my ball and my dick simultaneously. Now that we were just in our jockeys, I asked her who will open first. No reply from her. I was looking here and there then I could see a coin on the table, I handed the coin to her and asked her to toss it up, whoever wins will open the other and play with that part. She said me to do it as she has all trust in me and that I will not cheat. I said to her “jaan I am doing it everything,,, my lady luck do it for me and you win.” And she won. She was a bit hesitant in opening mine when I insisted she did and closed both her eyes. I was not saying a single word and her hands were on my thighs hurting me with her nails she slowly opened her and closed again and said “I don’t know how to play with baby of yours. I replied “This is your baby,,, love it,,, kiss it,,, suck it,,, all is yours only” listenig to this she opened her eyes slowly. And then she started moving her finger on from top to bottom and then on my ball. This experience was new to both of us so were not used to it. And then she stood up and even does I. Kissing each other passionately and then my hands automatically went to her bums in her panties and I squeezed them she moaned a bit but then we got off that situation. My hands came down to the rubber string of her panties and she was facing me. I was ready to take it off but her expression I think said no.
I moved my hands off her and took a step backward. Then she hold my hand kept at the position it was gave my lips the touch off her lips and putting back her hands on my hand pushed her panties a bit down I got the signal of go ahead. I made her sit on the edge of my study table kissing all over her body I went to her navels where I have never kissed till that day. Encircled my lips around her navel, she was breathing heavily, slowly I was taking her panties off her it was not still totally opened as I was in between those sexy thighs I could see her pussy, but I wanted a clear view of my baby’s baby. So I moved aside and opened the panty off her. I pulled the chair and sat in front of her pussy parting those legs around me. Now I was having the clear view of my girls cunt,,, it was like,,, just shaved within a week or two,,, like two pieces of orange pulp kept side by side with a slight gap in between,,, untouched,,, unfucked,,, I was just fumbling in putting my hand onto it but just some how managed and I touched the love hole of my love and she just moaned a bit.
I did felt some liquid when I touched her, Just encircling on the walls of her pussy as I really didn’t knew what to do next and her breathe with every touch of mine was raising higher, I was in between on the cracks when she moaned a bit higher I was having her clitoris in between my middle and index finger and my thumbs on her cracks rubbing it gently not vigorously and her moans were making me mad, I couldn’t control myself and leaned in between those beautiful legs kissing the inner thighs rubbing my loves love hole, I was turning into a maniac with the smell of her body though she didn’t put any perfume she was getting higher with every touch of mine and instead of my finger my nose was playing its game with her pussy few moments later automatically I kissed on her pussy and licked whatever was there on that beautiful thing. She was just pressing me harder on my head with every lick. I was having fun with the clitoris and trying to put my finger in her but as she was a virgin with no activities by which her hymen could have broken it was tight enough to have my full finger. In up and down manner I was moving my finger and was on with her clitoris.
I was doing this vigorously and I don’t know how nail biting she had done by then on my back. She said after a long time “let me go to toilet baby.” I nodded my head not allowing her to move and within few minutes she came all on me nailing her nails harder on me a long aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhha aaaaaaaahhhhhh ahhhhaa. Some amount of her also went inside and I did drink it intentionally. She was now relaxing and I took a towel of mine to wipe off all from me and from the floor. I have that towel today as a sign of her first orgasm with me. I brought her some water from the kitchen.
When I returned she was on my bed, covered her body with the extra chaadar on my bed. She was feeling a bit cold as the room ac was on. She hugged me and said thank you. I was confused as what she thanks you for and when asked she said she had her first orgasm. As she never had any sexual activity of doing any masturbation.
“Thank you my love of  life,,, thank you,,,” she said and put the so called blanket on me and came on top of me. Kisses were all over my face moving down to neck and then on my chest she was biting on my nipples and then kissing all over my body she went there where I have never thought she was still on fire and my babu(dick) so was my dick. She was kissing and slapping my dick as she did not know what to do then. “Cant this thing stand straight Rehaan” she asked. I replied “cant you see that thing is standing,,, straight like a pole,,, you are disturbing him by slapping on harder.” “Oh I see,,, mera baby,,, did I hurt you,,,” saying this, she kissed on the top and took it slight portion in her mouth very slowly she was sucking my cock. Then she started as if she was the master of this eyes wide open, she was doing it vigorously and I felt like coming I said her to leave as I was cumming but she was in no mood to listen I did not want to come in her mouth but seeing her doing so well in the blowjob,,, she was sucking it really harder and faster I took my back off the bed and helped her doing more faster and left and finally I came in her. She drank that cum and was still sucking my cock till the last drop.
I stood drank some water and again went on the bed,,, this time I sucked her boobs more vigorously than before and when I was hard again I went for her in 69 position and said you suck mine I yours and we started. And then she said “Jaan, I want you there. Give that thing of yours to me,,, please.” On listening to this I took her to edge of the bed and sitting on the floor I started licking her pussy sucking it hard taking all pussy in my mouth, tongue are inside her pussy. The very touch of my tongue in her cunt made her give out soft moaning, aaaaahhhhhh... Rehaan.... aaaaaaaaahhh...... mmmmmmmmnnn...... I am loving it Rehaan.....  aaaaaaaaahhh...... aaaaaaaaahhh...... mmmmmmmmnnn…. Go more deeperrrrrrrr my love aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,, hmmmmmmmmmmm,,,, aaaaaaaaaaaa,,,,  Take your all tongue inside me aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,, aaaaaaaaaaaa,,,, hmmmmmmmmmmm,,,, And when I found it got lubricated to take my cock,,, I stood up to find her playing with her nipples. I replaced her hands with mine placing my hard and placed my cock,,, so seemed 6” but thick enough to satisfy any woman at entrance of my loves love hole, I said you would get pain. “No matter I just want that thing right now, right there deep inside me you just go for it.” I took a vaseline body lotion from table applied on my dick and on her pussy too. I started parting those lips moving my dick upside down. As the passage was clear I with the slightest of slight jerk entered top portion in her, she screamed “aaaaaaaaaaa, its hurting baby.” “I told you, it will hurt you” I replied and took fully on bed. “You have some lotion here with you then apply some but don’t take that thing out,,, I am loving it” she said.
I leaned on her totally and took her lips in my mouth as I knew she would scream more this time and with a jerk I entered in her. And she screamed again but as I had her in my mouth the noise was very less but I must have bleeded by my back she hold me so hardly that I cannot move. “baby it feels like it is torn there,,, let me see it,,, with each entrance it is hurting me more.” She said. “This time I will totally be in you,,, and then you will feel relaxed” I said. “Jaan don’t put your lips on mine this time as I want to hear my on scream” she said. And I did so. I took my dick out leaving 1/3 into it with the heaviest jerk I entered in her “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,,, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,, aaaaaaaa,,,,,, fuck it baby,,,, fuck it hardddddddderrrr my love,,,,” she said. I slowly started to hump her taking in and out of my loves pussy. aaaaaahhh,,,aaaaaahhh,,,, Rehaan,,,, you are my jaan,,,, aaaaaaaahhhh,,,, my love,,, i love Rehaan,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaaaahhhh,,,, keep on doing it my baby,,, my love,,, aaaaaahhh,,,, aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,, yes,,, yes,,, my jaan,,, keep on doing it,,, I am loving it,,, oh baby ohhhh,,,  ohhhh,,,  ohhhh,,,  ohhhh,,, ohhhh,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,. With every very moan I was humping her faster and faster and my cock was getting bigger and harder. With each she was getting more excited and feeling very good. I did not moved, was still there lying on her and was just humping her for around 15 - 20 minutes. Aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,, oh baby,,, baby it feels like I am in heaven aaaaaahhh,,,, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,,,  aaaaaaaaa,,, with continuous moan she said this and I was feeling, like I was my way to cumm in her pussy as I learned somewhere if you feel are going to cum soon stop and start the foreplay again.
I took my thing out of her went and cupped her breast for some moment kissing on her navel I went to her pussy again, I saw my bed was messed up with mixture of fluids and bloods, I didn’t say her a single word about this as this was the signature of our first love making.  I did not wanted to taste her blood and wiping her pussy as much as I could licked her pussy and clitoris and even fingering her pussy but only with my middle finger. Hmmmmmmmmmmm,,, aaaaaaaaaaaa,,, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,, take me now,,,, I cant wait any longer,,,, come up my baby,,,, come on me,,,, take me now,,,, put your thing inside me Hmmmmmmmmmmm,,, aaaaaaaaaaaa,,,  aaaaaahhhh,,,. This time she turned around and I could see her ass and pussy in between her thighs. Leaning on top of her I asked her “you want another new experience, can I have you from behind.” “Take it baby, all is yours but we are not to do there as it is very dirty.” I understood what she said but I kept quiet and lifting her up by her waist put her to the position of my cock. I parted my legs and she was in between my thighs, I spit on my cock to get it lubricated and rammed in her with full force holding her waist. aaaaaaaaaaaa,,, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,, aaaaaaaaaaaa,,,  aaaaaahhhh,,,. I was totally in her and I said “I wanted you this way not in your ass hole baby, I was talking of this experience.” I humped as and really enjoying when she said “this is a good experience but I could not bear the pain and it is paining very badly”
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,,, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,, aaaaaaaa,,,,,, aaaaaahhh,,,, aaaaaahhh,,,, Rehaan,,,, aaaaaaaahhhh,,,, aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaaaahhhh
,,,, baby ohhhh,,,  ohhhh,,,  ohhhh,,,  ohhhh,,, ohhhh,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,, take it out baby,,, aaaaaahhh,,,,   its unbearable,,, aaaaaahhh,,,,  aaaaaahhh,,,,  take it out. She pushed me back and sat on the bed and she saw the mess on the bed. “What will we say about this” she said “you don’t worry I will manage” I added. I took her to edge of the bed, parted her legs and was I between her legs and we started again, “you are not done till now” she asked “you will know, when I will be done “I replied. I was ramming her and she took her legs to my shoulder. But I kept it on the edge of the bed and leaned to have some more pleasure with my love sucking and licking her boobs, playing with her earlobes and smooching those lovely lips and gave a love bite onto her breast. As I knew I was to cumm I told her. She said “you cumm inside me as I want to feel the warmth of your love.” “There it will be wasted sweetheart, you want the energy of your love be wasted.” “OK, give that to me,,, I will take it from my mouth” and then I came but bit in her pussy and more in her mouth.

I sat on the floor she joined me there and I said thank you to her thank you for the wonderful experience. To which she replied “I knew this would happen someday but when you came back from outside I felt this is the day and that she also wanted but had to avoid fearing of getting caught and we will get caught with the bed sheet, blood stains on it,,, I could hardly walk straight,,, its paining and feels like it is torn all there.” I kissed her on her forehead and said “jaan you don’t need to worry, I will manage all things as I have become a great liar and I love you more than myself will not let anyone know what happened” I kissed her on her lips and added “Let’s go and clean our self first. We were moving towards the washroom and I could see she was having problem while moving. I cleaned her and myself and brought her back to the couch in the hall and said to take rest while I will be back in minutes or ten and not to move from there.
I went to my best friend Nadeem, who owns a medicine shop and told him about the situation and he helped me with some medicine as a pain killer and also I took a crape bandage along with that. Reaching home I found her in the kitchen just in her undies, preparing food so that we could eat as it was 3.30 pm. “I said you take some rest but you don’t listen to me” I said. “My baby has lost some energy and how can I see my baby hungry” she said in a numb voice and very romantically. “Fine you do whatever you feel like, I am going to settle the bed” I replied and left for my bedroom. I took the bed sheet and folded. Then I folded the towel that I used to wipe off her first orgasm. I kept both the things in a plastic bag and hid it in my cupboard so no one can see. I placed another bed sheet on my bed, and went to the hall. My love has placed everything that was there in the kitchen. She sat beside me and we had our lunch at around 4 pm.
In the mean time I called up my mom to know when she will be coming. I was happy that this day my gracious ALLAH was with me and giving me all the chances to be with my love. Though I knew I was doing a sin in every way but was very much thankful to ALLAH the Almighty. May ALLAH forgive my sins that I committed, will commit with my love. I was happy that both my parents would be late, return by 8 pm, she even enquired about Zohra, she fell down in the washroom and is suffering from pain and could not walk. I had applied some balm on her and tied a crape bandage and gave her pain killers. I then boiled water using a towel by dipping it in that hot water gave her heat therapy so that she could get some relief from pain. We had our second encounter there on the couch and then the third one at my bedroom again. All these three hour after our lunch we were with each other not even we did go to use the toilet. At 8 pm I called my Ammi when they didn’t return and they were to stay there for the arrangement of my cousin sister this was the last weekend. And Monday onwards they will not be getting time as because of rituals of HALDI and all sort of stuff relating marriages. 
I then asked my Ammi if I could go for a movie with my friends. She putting a condition on me agreed and I can take money from the drawer of the cupboard in her room. The condition was if Zohra could manage only two of us can go for the movie and dinner outside the weekend turned really great for us. What was there for Zohra. I agreed her for the move, made her ready and went for dinner first and then the movie. The movie we saw together for the first time holding each other hand, cosying and kissing each other quite often as the movie was HUMRAAZ. We came back and with two more encounter we ended up sleeping in each other arms, but still the pain was there for her.
Next day I knew my parents will not return as my Ammi said this was last Sunday before my cousin sister marriage and they have lot of work to finish, we just loved and cared for each other as I cannot be an animal and always look to have sex with my love. And all that day I gave her that heat therapy, at the interval of every hour and half. And she felt much more better
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