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My smelling teacher

I am rahul from kerala. i am a gr8 fan of this site.i would like to share my experience with you.i study in a reputed school in keralas capital. I had choosen malayalam(mal.) as my second language in 9th std. it was in 9th that i had begun to notice my teachers .altho i found many teachers sexy, i found mal. teacher the sexiest.she was not too tall she was 37.but she had a very beautiful face and a pair of large boobs. 

i had begun to watch her whenever I could. She used to tak about sex freely to us. I sat In the front bench to obser her clearly .one day while she was dictating notes somebody asked her the spelling of a word she was siting in a cha i r and siting itself she wrote the spelling on bod her pallu was removed partially and I could see her left breast and the depth of her valley but covered with her black blouse my surface area immediately increased when she looked back she saw me looking @ her breasts she smiled @ me.this made me confident just imagine urself to be in ths situation i decided to hav sex with her @ any cost & waited for a chance ihad by now also learned that she did not hav avery hapy married life. it was then due to uth f e stival that our .skool had to b closed for a week after the schools reopened mal. teacher annonced that ther will b extra classes for 9th & 10th.i new that i had got the chance ihad been looking for. 

the extra clas was till noon. i decided to wait for ma l. teacher to wak with her to her house and planned to hav sex with her in her house but things did not work like that.iwas waiting for her near the LKG clas room she was coming and was near me she had to go to bathroom so I decided to wait .then suddenly I remembered that boys bathroom was near girls bathroom. they were separated only by a low wall I ran towards our bathroom and peeped thru the wall I notice d the bathroom into which she was entering. I jumped over the wall and slowly walked towads her ro om I tried to open the dor but it was locked so I decided to wait after a few minutes she opened the dor I just went in like a storm and locked the dor she was looking at me surprised she asked me wats this? I didn\rquote t reply and just caught hold of her & st arted kissing her in her lips deeply she did not object and this gave me further confidence. 

I started to pull her sari down then she said not here isaid wer? V found an empty staff room and v found an empty bench v started to xplor oters mouth I started t o pull her sari down and her legs forced my pants down istoped and looked at her blouse my god! it was beautiful and huge she was wearing a black bra I kissed her neck bringing my head downwards and kissed her blouse I broke the hooks of her blouse and s a w a magnificent pair of boobs coverd barely by her bra I just tore the thing off and now I could c her large whit boobs for real I sucked her erect orange nipples hard she was moaning AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HARDER HARDER \par this encouraged me and I started sucking really hard then I moved downwards and pressed hard against her belly then I pulled rest of her sari off by this time she had removed m y shirt and undy. 

i removed her petticoat and black panty icould see her water hole surrounded by her thick evergreen forest she was crying \'93I wanna SUCK u\'94 so I kept myself in69 position and started licking her pussy I had found my rhythm in her mouth a nd was enjoying it she was sounding a horn while I was doing this I inserted my tong insid her pussy and started xploring it by now she had cum and I was about to xplod too. I changed position and cum in her pussy. I had to rest for a while and began lic k ing her armpits her salty smelly sweat entered my tongue. 

she smelled bad really bad but it was butiful my cuckoo bird had more surface area by now and I decided to enter thru the rear dor of her body. I inserted my bird slowly and started to do slowly sh e was horning very loudly now I also inserted my bird with full thrust uptill where my bird could take me in her grand railway tunnel at last I xploded in her tunnel fushing the tunnel with white lotion. I kissed her again deeply in her lips and rested my head on her breasts.both of us were exosted by now v dressed and thanked each other and went to our homes. Little did I no that I was In for a surprise next week.
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