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My School Days Fantasy

Hello friends and my name is Mohit and this story belongs to my beloved city Rajkot Gujarat India story revolves around me Mohit and a very beautiful angel name Avani. The story is not 100 % real and names changed as well. 
My English not so good, so please ignore mistakes. 
About me - Age 24, married and settled, 7 inch dick, fair, 5.7 height and medium built.

Angel - Avani, imagine a 18 year old virgin girl not so fair, but gorgeous, huge tits, sexy round perfect ass and excellent face.
Now without wasting time, let me start the real life incident.
This incident happened to me when I was in 10th Grade.  I used to study in only boys school. Rajkot at that time was way conservative and studying in boys schools means most guys in school would have never talked with any girl in most of their life. 
Our school was only boys till 10th and 11th and 12th were co-Ed. We boys used to get crazy even if we see a single girl out anywhere and we were like hungry dogs haven't seen food since ages.
Now you can imagine how desperate we guys would be. Girls need to understand our situation and should cooperate with boys like me being in only boys school, our first encounter with girls would be during tuition classes in 9th or 10th grade. 
Mostly during 10th grade only and tuition used to be common for all schools and mostly co-Ed.  We used to choose tuitions where most of the girls go. Before our this tuition had started and I had always heard of this girl named Avani.
I heard she had nice round huge tits and sexy perfect ass very good face and nothing can be compared to her and she was so beautiful. I first time saw her during one of this tuition and went crazy. Always used to dream about her and nothing else would come in my mind. 
She was divine as coming from only boy’s school I was very shy. Never even tried to say her hi and I didn't even know if she had ever noticed me. The whole year passed with me just staring at her and stalking at her.  We all cleared 10th and this girl fortunately took admission in my school. 
I went gaga on hearing this.  I had no chance to stare her and get to see her every day for next 2 years.  I knew I would not be able to take one step further and story will end with just being classmates as she was in my class, I used to never miss a chance to sit beside her bench. 
I never missed a chance to be close to her and but would never try to talk to her and our dress code was white shirt and black pants.  Avani used to wear a tight white shirt and tighter pants whole class was mad after her and me after her sized bobs and tight ass and whenever I had chance too
She her ass, it used to make me masturbate that  day at home.  I sometime felt like masturbating in class only.  I always felt of rubbing my tool against her ass whenever I would get a chance to sit next to her, I always would have nice side view of her firm tits. 
Believe me, there could be nothing better than this view.  I would just wait for a chance when she will bend down to pick up something from the floor ooohh man with her first button of shirt open, the view of her cleavage was out of this world. 
It felt as if it was more amazing than Kashmir valley and guess what would happen if she bends on other side omg! her tight ass. Few months again passed with me doing nothing and had not guts but one fine day things changed. 
It was before diwali and everybody used to bunk class as everyone was going on holidays. I used to come to class so that I can see Avani.  Avani was very studious and she never used to miss classes. That very day, only 5 students were present in class and madam was very pissed off with this. 
First she asked all 5 to come and sit in front benches.  Avani had to forcibly sit on my bench only with her sitting with me and I felt as if we both were on honeymoon and sitting in front of a beautiful lake somewhere in Switzerland but reality was different nothing was happening. 
Now I was eager to see here cleavage.  So cleverly when she was busy studying and I dropped her pen on floor and starting paying attention to madam.  She had to bend down to pick up the pen then and I got the chance to visit Kashmir valley. 
I never knew that Avani had seen me doing all this.  I again dropped down her pen and this time she looked at me with an angry eye. I was scare but she bent down the other way and OMG Asa she bent, I was able to first time see her panty and this was much better than the first view.
Class was about to get over and madam asked us all to stay back and complete some work. I was happy to hear this but rest four was angry.  All decided to bunk after class but I was against.  Said we should not disrespect to what madam said rest three student also left but Avani.
I only stayed back and this was a golden opportunity to start some conversation which I started with asking her if I could bring her some food from Canteen.  She readily agreed and I about her some sandwich and drink. She felt comfortable after my courtesy to her. 
So she asked me if we both could complete work together and I readily agreed and we both were than sitting very close. I loved the smell of hers and suddenly she asked me what I was doing with dropping her pen and I was shocked and was not able to speak anything for while. 
I resisted saying I was not able to understand what she is saying. She smiled and asked me to frankly say what it was about. I was caught staring at her tits lovely tits but I still resisted after some while she dropped her pen and bend down and she knew I won’t be able to resist looking at her and that’s what I exactly did.
She caught me red handed this time and to my surprise she smiled and remained in that position for while. I was out of mind and did not know what to do. She again asked me Mohit tell me, what you were starring and suddenly open her second button and asked do you boys like them so much?"
I was now in other world and with my dick already hard. I said yes and but not of everyone. Avani, we like see to girl’s tits but I don’t like to see everyone’s. I just like to see yours and I am so mad about you and hearing this and I guess she was aroused and gave me invitation to touch and have proper look if I wanted.
First time ever I was about to touch the soft tits and that too of Avani of whom I have been dreaming of and I slowing started pressing them from above the shirt feeling was heavenly. I moved my hand over her neck and she moaned with this and I got excited and started strongly pressing both her bobs with both my hand and she asked me to go slow and take my time.
She was in no hurry and I can enjoy her bobs and slowly and I unbuttoned rest of her shirt and moved my hand over her bra and belly and she got very much excited and started asking me about men tool and how big it is and how do it work. 
She seems to have seen many XXX movies from her talk along with the talk if was still busy squeezing her tits and slowly inserted my hand inside her bra and for the first time I had touched nipples that to very firm and erect.  It felt like rubber type like silicon. I cannot explain this first touch which I still remember.
Now as she was very curious about my dick I asked her if she wanted to see and she agreed and I unzipped my pant and took my tool out of my underwear and I could she her eyes getting wide open with the size. She was not ready to believe if this tool really goes into pussy. 
She said it cannot but I said yes and she felt eager to touch and I placed her hand on my dick and this time and I moaned see started playing with it. I was enjoying the same and then I asked her if she could give me a BJ.  She asked me what it was and I gave her the info and she refused at first but then bent down on her knees
And slowly took her tongue out and licked the top of my dick bus that’s it I said in my mind. Slowly she licked my dick properly and took it in her mouth and my dick was now fully inside her mouth and she was giving a deep throat. I told her I was going to cum and she told it fine.
She wants to taste and I exploded like anything in her mouth and stuffed it fully and she swallowed it in full latter like my dick to dry. It was now my turn to please her and I slowly moved to her back squeezed her ass for a while than kissed her on lips and started licking her nipples.
She loved it and was moaning slowing and I went down to her belly and she was getting more and more excited removed her pants and panty. Now I cud see her pussy a very tight virgin pussy and that too I was looking at pussy for the first time.
I started to lick her thighs and moved to center of her pussy slowly was licking it and could feel the excitement in Avani's eyes.  Now I was on full pace and licked her pussy wildly and she was moaning more and more loudly. I inserted my tongue in her pussy and now I was tongue fucking her.
She was about to reach orgasm and pushed my head so strongly on her pussy finally she cum. Now I was again ready with my dick straight. I told her to come in doggy style. This style I had always dreamed of fucking her masturbated thousands of time and here it was.
I was having Avani in doggy style but her pussy was so tight that I would not insert my dick from behind again; it was my first time as well so I asked her to come in missionary style. I slowly tried to insert in her pussy and she screamed. 
I waited for a while and then inserted fully. It caused some pain to me as well. I fucked her slowly in that style and then asked to come in doggy style and now I fucked her really badly and without her permission I cum inside her pussy it was fully stuffed.
She got bit nervous but asked her to take some pills which I had heard about. We relaxed for a while and had another session and this time in missionary position only after that we completed our work and again had finally round. We left for our home with memories for the life. 
I never had a chance to fuck her again and we never even talked after that day as Rajkot is very conservative as all will talk about us even if we smiled.  We never talked about that or never had sex again and months past.
She went for her graduation to different city and I went to different city.  I would still admit that I still masturbate looking at her photos whenever she uploads. I simply love to dream of her and to dream of fucking her.
I am sure whoever got a chance to fuck her and who will get married to her will surely have pleasure for the whole life. I had numerous sex encounters after this with lots and lots of pleasure, but this incident had been the best ever may be because it was the first. 
I know my story was big but you people would like it again please ignore mistakes. Any suggesting most welcome at mohitshah69@ymail.com
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