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Me And My Senior In Bed

Hello Friends this is Vishal again with yet another story of mine! This is a story that starts from the days when and I was doing my Engineering as I have said earlier, now I work in a MNC in Bangalore but earlier and I wasn't really decent. We had a huge group of friends in college and I haven't really been among the good guys of the college.
I would be present in every strikes and every event organizing stuffs that happens in college. If there were any college fights you would find me there etc. I usually used to travel by bikes to college during the first 2 yrs of my college But when I was in 3rd year I started to travel back home in our college bus. I wasn't really interested in chatting with other people in the bus.
I would usually prefer the last window seat on the right side and I would usually kill the time listening to music and looking out of the window with me used to sit a huge group of seniors whom I hardly spoke to. They were normal fun loving types. I wasn't really interested in the group but there was this girl Drishti. She was super cute and I always was attracted towards her.
She had a very slim body with perfect face and perfect assets as far as I remember her stats were 34 28 34. She had these beautiful hairs and killer eyes. I loved her lips and I loved almost every part of her body. She looked like a princess to me with her silky soft skin. There were no traces of hair on her hand what so ever and trust me she was like an angel.
Usually her friends would get down early and me and her used to travel alone in the last seat for like 20-25 minutes. She used to get down one stop before the last stop and I used to get down in the last stop. These 20 minutes were the most interesting part of my entire 2 hours journey in the bus. I never had a conversation with her and agreed I was one of the not so decent guys of the college.
I had the guts to slap a guy in front of lecturers but I was scared to ask her name or talk to her or ask her number. I was very worst in starting a conversation with any girl. I got to know her name when her friends used to shout it loud. Watching Drishti became one of the favourite moments of my life time. Of course not in a bad way but you know the best part she was never awake she would sleep like a baby as soon as her friends got down in those 20 mins
And I would love to watch her innocent baby face all the while. Her silky hair would usually cover her face in the sexiest way possible and I would love to watch all these. Once while she was sleeping her shirt was raised just above her navel exposing just the naval for me. Wow! I was in love with her naval from the very moment I saw it. I wanted to kiss them right away. 
Her stomach was beautiful smooth silky types. Her navel was making me crazy about her. I wanted to wake her up right away and may be propose her to marry me directly. But she was a senior to me and we never spoke. So there was hardly any chance of her marrying me. I would curse myself for not coming in the bus earlier.
She was left with only a few months in college and then she would be graduated and I still had a whole year to spend. Nothing happened after that she graduated and left the college and I was left in bus with no one. My journeys in the bus became more boring and somehow I cleared my engineering too with great difficulty and I got a job with great difficulty too.
Then almost after 3 years later, I found her on one of the social networking sites and after gathering all the guts I sent her a friend request. She accepted immediately and her first question was
Drishti: Do I know you?
Me: Well I don’t know.

D: Sorry I don’t add strangers so I better block you! 
Me: No I mean I think you might know me or you may not.
D: ? 
Me: I used to study in the same Engineering College as you did

D: Have we ever spoken? 
Me: No D: Then sorry I can’t add you! 
Me: I used to travel in the same college bus as you did

D: Really? I don’t remember anyone by your name! 
Vishal no I don’t think I know you. 
Me: I used to sit in the last seat.
D: oh ok yes I know you! you always used to sit by the window in the last seat right? You are my junior! 
Me: Right.

D: Yaaa! So tell me! What are you doing these days! I explained all about me! How well settled I was! How rich and secured my future had become coz of the job and everything. I was trying to impress her in every way possible finally I asked, 
Me: What are you up to these days? Then came the shocker. She said she was married now and had a kid and she had become a housewife. I was hearts broken! But I still used to chat with her.

Time went by and we became closer. I got to know her husband usually used to be abroad and used to travel a lot because of business purposes. 
She started talking more and more about her problems to me that how unimportant she was to him and all that. Usually under such circumstances my wicked mind used to think what all of you might be thinking at this point of the story that she would be unsatisfied and the plans to bang her and all that but trust me I never got any such feeling in fact.

I was very sad that she was sad and going through a mess. She had a baby girl just 5 months ago and she had shared the baby pics with me. The baby was the cutest baby in the whole world. I thought if she had married me the baby would be mine and all that and then came the day all you guys are waiting for sorry for dragging it so long.
It was her baby naming ceremony as usual her husband was abroad and that was the first time she called me home for help. Though her in-laws used to stay near her house even they were cruel and used to hate her. She wanted to have the naming ceremony when her hubby was around but it was supposed be some auspicious day so they wanted to have the function on the same day.
I reached her home at 11 in the morning, function was at 7 in the eve, I helped her decorate the place and decorate the cradle. I helped her to buy vegetables and sweets from market. We never spoke much on that day too. I was busy roaming here and there and decorating and she was busy preparing the food for the evening function. 
Her in-laws never came to help her and they actually came late at 8 and went back by 9.30 after lunch. She named her child Diksha and I was exhausted after the whole days work at her home. It was a very well organized function. I was never much in the picture nor did I let anyone know that there was my hand in any of the decorations and stuffs.
It went successful everyone went home by 11at night and the place was a total mess after that. I looked at her she was exhausted. I remembered the same baby face of her and I did not want to leave her. I told her to relax on the sofa while I clean the mess and as you might guess my sweetheart went back to sleep again.
I was lost in seeing her for 10 minutes then I thought I will surprise her by cleaning the entire house. So I single-handedly cleaned all the garbage, cleared all the plates and cups. I removed all the decoration usually, I am a lazy bum in the house but it was hard for me to believe that I was doing so much for her.
I had servants to pick up the cup of tea drink still I did it all for her and I saw the clock it was 2 at night. I saw at my angel and she was sleeping peacefully. I wanted her to lock the door so I had to wake her up before i left the home. So before waking her I stared at her innocent baby face for another 15 minutes. Her hairs were fallen on her face in the sexiest way possible.
I had a hard on seeing her this time. I too was tired and I just wanted to leave as soon as possible. I woke her up slowly. I called Dristhi' in the most soft way possible. She did not wake up. I did something which I had awaited for almost 4-5 yrs now. I put that hair of hers behind her ears. I again called
Vishal: Drishti
Drishti: hmm with her eyes closed
V: Will you get up? And lock the door I need to go

D: need to go where? still eyes closed
V: To my house, idiot! She got up with a shock and she was like 
D: I'm so sorry how could and I sleep! Why did not u wake me up earlier? V: It's ok sweetie! She got up from the sofa and saw the house it was so clean like the function never happened. She saw her baby it was peacefully sleeping. She saw all utensils were cleaned and all garbage was thrown out.

She was in tears looking at all these. She immediately came and hugged me and started crying like anything goshhh! The hug which and I always wanted and the gal I always wanted was in my arms hugging me. I gathered courage and caressed her back and she was holding me so tightly and crying. 
V: Why are you crying now?

D: You care for me so much. Thank you so much. My husband is least bothered about me or about the child. He never even called me once today to ask if I am alive or not and you are doing so much for me. 
V: its ok he must be busy 
D: Bull Shit he is busy! he just doesn't care. I was running my hands on her silky hair and I was smelled her hair and kissing her head on her hairs lightly and I was consoling her.

D: But why are you doing all this to me? 
V: Coz I really care a lot about you. 
D: But why? V: That I can’t answer

D: You have to answer me! I swear for you on me! Then I told her how I had a crush for her since college. How I used to look at her while she was sleeping and all that and while telling all this we had parted ourselves from the hug and after telling her everything in detail she had tears in her eyes and came and hugged me again. 
This time I hugged her passionately as and I had told her the whole story as soon as she hugged me I told her. 
V: I love you!

D: Me too!! I slightly lifted her face and looked into her killer eyes! Our eyes met so passionately for the first time ever. I came closer to her inch by inch I did not know that if she was ready for a kiss or not so I moved very slowly towards her. She never closed her eyes in the entire process. So we were just cms away from each other for almost 2 mins that 2 mins
Were like 2 hours for me. Then she slightly tilted her face and closed her eyes. I knew she was ready. I did not waste even a fraction of a second and I started kissing her. Our tongues met I was sucking her tongue like anything, it was a very deep kiss without breaking the kiss, I went to her room made her lie on her bed.
I lied on top of her and kissed her deep and that pair of lips were the sexiest. We broke our kiss literally after 25 minutes that’s when she opened her eyes. I looked at them and those looked exactly the same when I first fell in love with them. I kissed her eyes. I again started sucking her upper lips and then again after 10 minutes.
I started sucking her lower lips and I don’t know it was one of the best kisses I ever had and most probably the longest. I again inserted my tongue in her mouth and she started to suck it. We broke it again after 10 minutes and this time I gathered all my saliva in front of my tongue. She got up a little and sucked the whole tongue of mine with saliva 
And we had the deepest kiss possible believe it or not I think the whole kissing session went for almost 1 hour after that, I inserted my hand in her shirt. I started playing with her naval and continued kissing her hands was on my hairs all the time. Then I lifted her up and removed her shirt and bra! Her boobs were very firm and she had the perfect nipples and they were baby pink colour.
I loved her body no sign of any hair under armpits too. I threw her jeans and panties and got naked myself. I jumped on her and started sucking on her nipples. She had milk in those. I sucked them and spit them on her naval and again I started to suck them as crazily as possible. I put my tongue deep in her naval and licked and made it wet with all my saliva.
I licked her arm pits. The smell was mesmerizing. It was a sweet fragrance there and I loved to lick it. I licked her whole upper body with constant kisses all the while for another 30-40 minutes or so. She was so happy with all the soft sex that she said
D: You love me so much. I mean you making love to me looks like a lover making true love to his lover you have covered every part of my upper body with your saliva. You have tasted every inch of me from my hand to my fingers to arm pits to my naval. I love you so much sweetheart. I somewhat got hornier by listening to all this.
I kissed her and put my fingers in her pussy. I started slowly inserting one finger and then I inserted 2 fingers and gave faster strokes. She was moaning sexily and I was kissing every time I felt that the moan was too sexy! Then I went down near her pussy. It was clean-shaven and she said from college she was always clean-shaven.
I licked her there for almost 15 minutes until she cum! She was so happy. I put my 6.5 inch dick in her mouth and mouth fucked her. She gave me a very good blow job. I also cum and she swallowed all my cum. I turned her and started licking her ass. Gosh what an ass it was silky and white and clean. I licked it like anything. She said she loved it then I was again licking her pussy and she was licking my balls in the 69 position. 
Then all I wanted to do was fuck her. She gave me a packet of condoms and then she lubricated it with her saliva. Though she had a baby, she was a bit tight I still wonder how. I was struggling to get in initially then finally I got into her! I thumped her liked anything the sweet sound of my body part hitting her ass while fucking her was awesome then she said she loved doggy style.
I said her wish is my command and I fucked her in doggy position and I took out my dick during climax removed the condom and I cum all over her ass. I dint clean it. I made her lie on the bed again with her facing towards me and I started kissing her all again. All my sperms that were on her ass were now on bed.
Now again I started to fuck her in man on top position and the kissing had made me hard and hornier again then I was squeezing her boobs in one hand and caressing her ass and fucking her pussy all at same time. This time I took almost 30 minutes to cum again after lots of squeezing kissing drinking her milk for more than a hour I wanted to enter her ass. She said no to that and then it was morning 9 by then.
Her baby woke up and she went naked and made her baby sleep again. The baby was slept peacefully again. I thought the baby was definitely like her and loves to sleep. We were moving around the house naked. She made breakfast and we ate it in her bedroom and it was around 10 in the morning. She was talking something to me when I suddenly inserted my finger in her pussy.
She laughed and as increased strokes she started moaning again. I gave her my dick in the mouth and again 69 position but this time I was in the position only so that I could put my finger in her ass. She din let me in easily in her ass. It was very tight and with great difficulty i inserted a fingering her ass. She liked the feel of it and her resistance was all broken. Then finally I ass fucked her. 
It was tight as hell and but still I was successful. I fucked her in almost all the positions. We switched on the internet and actually searched for new positions to fuck and we did it all. I was in her house till 8 in the morning next day. We had 2 full nights and 1 full day of fucking of course there were breaks in between.
She had a bath tub in her house we even took a bath together and I also fucked her in that bath tub. We never wore clothes the entire time and luckily no one came to her house during this time and disturbed us. It was an awesome and amazing feeling.

Both of were very tired but very much satisfied. I hugged her for the last time and kissed her again for 15 minutes straight and left her house at 8.15 in the morning.  She and her husband are now settled in foreign forever. The last time I chatted with her was a year back when she said her husband keeps a tab on all her chatting accounts and she said she was settled with a very good job there. Both husband and wife have a very good job there was what she was telling me. The last time and she spoke she said she can't be in touch anymore and said not to leave her any messages ever because her husband has got a doubt on her
And she said she would like to end all contacts with me coz of her baby girls future. Finally she said that if I ever cared a bit for her I would never contact her ever in my life again. So I'm not in touch with her that again leaves me with the lonely feeling here in Bangalore and that's why I write these stories. For feedback mail me at vishalchauhan131@gmail.com
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