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Lost My Virginity To Student's Mom

First let me introduce myself. I am a 27 years boy from Vijayawada(AndhraPradesh), with an athletic figure of 5'8" and a sexy tool of 8", but I was a bit introvert. Hence I dont have any girl friend. And one thing I like to mention that I was more attracted towards older ladies with sexy boobs. Till last week I count myself as a poor "V-I-R-G-I-N" boy, who can only fantasyse about matured ladies and musterbate for his satisfaction. But in the last weekday the whole scenario changed. And here is how all happened to me. This is my first story if there are any mistakes then plz excuse me and dnt forget to send reply to boyz_hyderabad@yadoo.co.in. If any ladies and aunties wanna have any secret relation then you can contact me on my Id.
        I used to teach some students computer to earn some pocket money. Manoj is one of my students. He is of 12 years and reads in class VI. He is a good student. The story is about his mom. Rather this is about his mother. His mother "Lakshmi" she is of 29 years. She is a medium height, fair, woman with very striking features of a perfect sexy lady. I like everything of hers - the way she talk. She has got a magnificent pair of boobs. And curves in her body are so perfect that anybody could die to get her. Her husband is aged about 34, and he is a businessman, and he has to roam about city to city in business work. Initially I called her Lakshmi but one day she told me to call her by her name. (Though i used to call his husband "uncle" ). After that I used to call her like that, and I realised that she is very much affectionate towards me. She usually wears saree like other housewives.

      We had very decent relationship. But as day progresses, I started think of her, in my spare time. And as i told u all that I often fantasyse about older ladies, Lakshmi also get a prior place in the list of my "FANTASY LADIES". I often think about her a musterbate, fantasysing her under my naked body, while watching pornographic movies. But while in front her, I never dare to take any step as I was shy. And also because I dont get any chance too, as Rimi was also there.
     One Saturday, I went to their house. While taking class, i heard some one calling by name from drawing room. I went our a saw it's none other that his mom lakshmi. she asked my mobile number.
      In the same day nignt i got a call from unknown number. I answered the called its none other that lakshmi. She told me that she is having cruch on me. By hearing this I was on the top of the sky. from that day onwards I used to call her when her husband was out of city. we used to go for shopping, watch movies and also went to restaurant.

       One day i got a call from lakshmi around 1.00pm and told me to come home as early as possible, with in 15min i reached there and saw the door was locked. So i called her, she told me to come from the back door. I went dack of the house n knocked the door, She opened the door. She was in a Red silk. and a Red sleeveless  Transparent blouse. I can see her matching bra.  I was just amazed by her looks. She smilingly said "U are looking beautiful". She took me in her bedroom, gave me a chair to sit and sat on the bed. 
       She suddenly kissed my hands and asked "Do u like to feel me?" I was stunned by her. What i could manage is to only nod my head a bit. She came nearer me and pulled me in her bed. She then hugged me and started to kiss me. I also got rid off my initial nerveousness then, and kissing her. Her soft body was then in my arms and my broad chest was feeling the softness and hotness of her breasts. Now my hands found her belly. I was caressing her belly and rubbing it.
      She was moaning littl bit, "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh",,,,,"oooohhhhhh". I started undoing her saree. While she was going to help me. I stopped her and told "Its my duty to remove all ur clothes. I dont need ur help dear. Plz let me have the pleasure to make u on nothing. Though I dont have any past experience I can assure u that I can satisfy all ur needs." Then I told her to sit on the chair and only to enjoy what I am doing. She was then only on her black sleeveless blouse and pettycoat. I started kissing her hands and then to her arm. I got the sweet smell of her cleanly shaven armpits. I was caressing it and kissing her face, and her rosy lips.. She inserted her tongue inside my mouth. I then kissed and bit in her neck, earlobe. She was going into frenzy then.. She was moaning hard..... I then unbuttoned her blouse to see her globes under red bra, and untied her pettycoat. and lo! she dont have any panty underneath. Now she is only in her bra. Suddenly I stopped. She asked me "What happened? Do it to me plz. Dont stop." I asked "If ur husband comes?" She then told " He will not come. coz he went on a business trip and childerns went to school and will come at 5.00pm. So plz be quick and fuck me.. I am dying to be fucked by a young dick.
      Now knelt down, in front of her. And start kissing her navel with my hands I started squeezing her boobs, and slowly undone her bra too. Now she is totally nude to me. I started sucked her left boob and same time playing with the right boob and pinched her pink nipples and made sexy "lovebites" on her boobs. She was moaning like a whore then... " ooooohhhh!" "do it harder its so nice....." and like that. Then I put my tongue in her cleanly shaven pussy. It taste so beautiful i drank all her juices... while I was licking her pussy, her clit... she held my head and pulled it hard.... and widen her legs apart to accommodate me their while she was moaning, suddenly all her body start shaking... She was flooded then with her cum in her pussy and became tired.
     "Now its my turn I was in jeans and t shirt then.. I sat on the chair but on the contratry to my slowness while making her naked, she made me naked in moments, n took my tool in her hands then in her mouth. "U know this was my dream to take young dicks in my mouth, but my hubby doesnot like oral sex. "Doesn't ur hubby satisfy u in sexual life?" I asked.
     Yes he does, hot in bed...but he never did oral sex she told me looking at my eyes, then she smile and told, But I like ur young dick, and ur style more than his. She was continuing to suck my hot dick, while she held my balls hard. My dick was rockhard then... I asked her to stop and said i am going to cum, but she dnt stoped. I cummed in her mouth, she drank all my cum with out a single drop left.
      She stopped and stood up. I was still sitting on the chair nude. She came and started riding on my dick, slowly... she was all wet and smooth. Its going in inch by inch... She gave a ltl jerk to accommodate the whole length of 8" inside her. Then she made a tremendous rythm, to made my cock in n out....She was dripping in her cunt. and I was also supporting her and enjoying every moment... She was moaning hard.."Ohhhhhhhhhh do it hard.. tear me up.. ohh fuck me fuck me harder... " after about 10 minutes.....she cummed, and start shaking.... her pussy held my dick in a tight loop then... and i couldnot control anymore.. I also cum inside her.. We remain there as it is, for another 5 mins..... then both of us went to the bathroom and had another section. which i will tell u in my next story.   
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