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Losing Virginity To Me

My name is Chanti and I am working for MNC Company in Bangalore as software engineer and I am basically from Andhra Pradesh. My physic is height 5'8 and weight 64 kgs her size was 34 32 34. I will browse in yahoo chat Zorpia and also when I am chatting in yahoo id. I messaged to one girl I won’t tell her name just assume some name. I got reply from her also.
We are chatting and weeks are going on after that I asked her for mobile number but she don’t have mobile with her. She will called me from outside coin box for one week and later she is calling from her landline number. We are speaking about college life, about friends, love relationship etc even her exams are near to her.
She will study well and encouraged her about the studies and taking care for her as a good friend after 20 days her final exams completed we decided to meet at her house only. So we took parcel for lunch and went to her home. After reaching her house she changed her cloths. We had our lunch and sitting in the hall and watching TV.
After 30 mins we are feeling bore so that we went to bedroom to relax on the bed initially I am touching her hand and after some time and I am touching her tights. But she is not ignoring me at all. I am placing my hand on hip and belly playing like that sometimes I am touching her boobs also.
This happen for one hour later I am repeating something. I hugged her tightly and asked me what happen to you. I said I am feeling for something so she said ok just relax Chanti but I am pressing her boobs also even she got mood but she don’t no about sex at all just.
I placed my hand on pussy area over the dress she is thinking that she will get stomach but I explain her clearly. I removed her pant but I didn’t remover her panty but I removed my pant and underwear also. She is in full mood after seeing my dick.
But she is afraid about stomach just I placed my dick on her pussy without removing her panty playing like that for some time and I am pressing her boobs hip and kissing her lips. That is first time for me and first time for her also. I left her place because her dad may come to house so I left the house.
After I am reaching home and I have done master batting. I got a call from her she is telling that she is afraid of stomach but I told her nothing will happen we didn’t had sex. I explained to her each and everything clearly so she got relaxed but she like to do with me.
One day passed after her dad left to office she called me on my mobile. it is possible to come tomorrow to her house and we spoke what he have to do and how to enjoy the full day. So next day morning sharp 9.30 am I am near to her house waiting for her call. Her dad left to the office at 9.40 am.
I got a call she explain how to come to her house. I entered her house and we had breakfast after that we went to her room and I told to her I brought condoms also. We started French kiss and I am pressing her boobs. We kissed for ten minutes after that I removed her top and bra
She is closing her eyes and then I placed my hand into her pussy area already her panty is wet and she is having hairs on her pussy. So I removed her jeans and panty at same time and my dick is in full zoom so I asked her can i enter my dick into your pussy.
She nodded her head yes so I started to enter my dick into her pussy but it is not going inside because she is virgin and my dick 3 thick and 7 inches long. I am trying to push inside her pussy and after doing for ten minutes my dick is inside her pussy.
I am fucking her slow and increased the speed after doing for 5 minutes and I came due to this my first time sex on same day we have done another 3 rounds after that whenever it is possible I will go to her house or I will her to my place or my friends or my cousin to fuck her. We had sex with different angels after 2 and half years she went to her native due to some personal problems still we are in contact. She is waiting for my dick please any girl women aunty is in interested mail me.
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