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Losing My Virginity To My Ex

Hello everyone and I am Sham. I am 23 and girls interested to have a best time can mail at shamluvrboy@gmail.com and his is my first post so kindly bear with my introductions. This is actually the story of me with my ex girlfriend happened some years back and we started going out when we were in the 10th std.
We were both studying in a school in Madurai and as can be imagined it was really hard to get some alone time for us to explore. We both indulged in the usual kissing and caressing whenever possible in empty classrooms but that was the most we could manage. Even though that was enough initially but the body always desires for more when it comes to sex
And we both were starting to get frustrated about not being able to make any progress once schooling was over we ended up going different ways and were not in touch for about 3 years during which I got no close relationship with girls were I was totally stressed but as luck would have it me and my ex girlfriend unexpectedly ran into each other during a train journey.
It was a night journey Pandiyan Express and we had both booked in the same compartment and I invited her to sit with me in the lower side berth so that we can catch up. During the conversation we both started flirting with each other and were completely comfortable with each other slowly everyone in the compartment started going to sleep and finally all the lights were shut out by the time.
This is when my mind started wondering if I could get lucky tonight and so I checked with her if she was involved with anyone to which she said yes but nothing serious. Now that for me was a green signal and while chatting and I started to hold her hands and stroke it lightly. She too was responding to these strokes and I could start to see the lust in her eyes.
However, the train was packed and we weren’t too sure about taking risks so we were just caressing each other on reaching Virudachalam I asked her if she wanted to get some fresh air and she agreed. We both went outside and only boarded the train again just before it left the station. We both were standing by the door itself looking outside when the TTR passed us and looked suspiciously at us. We both had to return to my berth.
However on returning she just snuck into me and covered us with a sheet that she had brought with her. This instantly made me desperate for more and I started squeezing her boobs. I found that her nipples were really hard and waiting for my attention. I inserted my hand into her top and inside her bra and started tweaking her bare nipples. She could not control anymore and started wriggling in my arms.
We were both getting pretty horny now and each wanted to feel the other person up and so we decided to go into the toilet. However all the toilets in our compartment were really dirty and so we had to skip 2 compartments before we could find a fairly clean one and once inside we both started kissing madly as we were starving for each other’s body. 
After the initial kissing I slowly removed her top and bra and now she was top less in front of me. I was sucking and nibbling away at her 32 size boobs. She was biting her lips and scratching me to keep from moaning. She was playing with my hair and pushing my head towards her boobs asking me to bite her nipples harder in the meanwhile my hands were inside her bottoms
And I was playing with her clit and stroking her ass. It was really wet waiting for my fingers. I asked her if she was a virgin to which she said no but that was no problem for me. I then removed her bottoms off completely making her naked and she in turn undressed me. I could not believe my luck and the fact that we were doing this in a public and a fairly unclean toilet made it even more exciting.
I then asked her to suck me off and she straight away starting sucking me but she was no expert at sucking and I soon got her up and starting kissing her again on her neck and shoulders which I knew was a sensual spot for her and she in the meanwhile was giving me a real good hand job and brought me to the verge of cuming. I had to stop her as I wanted to fuck her and so placed my dick in the vaginas entrance and started teasing her.
However she then took the initiative and slid my dick straight in. Her warm hole was really tight and maybe the standing position made it even tighter and so I lifted her one leg up and started stroking her in and out. The train’s movement was really helping and slowly we started gaining more and more speed. Suddenly she scratched my back and let out a muffled yell on my shoulder and I could feel more wetness on my dick. I realized that she had just cum.
This made me ram her even harder and she too obliged by reciprocating my act. We then, switched to doggie making it easier for me to push harder and deeper into her cunt after 10-15 minutes. I told her that I was about to cum and so took my dick out and starting spraying all over her boobs. She then sucked me dry and drained every ounce of cum left in my dick. We then dressed up and went over to my berth one by one. Luckily for us no one seemed to have seen us. We then spent the rest of our journey talking and caressing each other till the morning. We have hooked up a couple of times after that but that is for another day.
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