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Everything Is Fair In Sex

This story is little old, while i was doing my degree. I was staying at my relatives house. In that house there were 4 peoples, uncle, aunty, sunil was elder son and sushma was a younger daughter. sunil was 4 yrs elder to me and sushma was 3 yrs younger to me. I was a good student and was not indulged in any of girl friends and other sort of things which would affect my studies.
    Our uncle's house was a 3 bed room house, in which 2 bedroom were in the ground floor, and one was at first floor with attached bathroom and open space in front of our room. me and sunil were staying in that room. whenever we want something like coffee, breakfast or anything sushma used to bring it to us.
Sunil was working in a marketing company and his timings were odd and he was travelling more from once place to other, so he was hardly staying for 10 to 12 days in house in a month. If we come out of our room there were many houses and i could see some girls chatting on their terrace.

    when i was in first semester, sushma was Ok type of girl and she was little lean but she had a nice pair of boobs and back, there was a girl beside our house, her name was rathi she was a very fair girl. whenever i used to come out, she used to come on the terrace and put the clothes for drying. I was not bothered as i was not interested in girls. One day i was sitting on the wall of the terrace, she came out and she was putting clothes for drying and she smiled at me but i did not smile at her. I came back to my room and locked the door. She told this to sushma.
     As time passed, whenever I was on the terrace, she used to come and smile and wave at me. I used to smile and go back to my room. Sushma asked me about this and i told whatever was happening between us, she told me that Rathi is a known girl to her and she also have told about this to her and she wants to be my friend. I told sushma that i am not interested in making any friends.
    One day she was putting clothes for drying, i saw her and about to leave and saw her bending to take the clothes from the bucket, to my surprise i saw her boobs, it was very fair and big. I could not leave from their and kept on staring at her boobs, she caught me staring at her boobs and she smiled at me and left from there. from that day my lifestyle got changed, i masturbated twice thinking about her beautiful boobs. time passed, sushma was always smiling in a weird way as teasing me, i realized that Rathi had told my behaviour to her also.
   one day Rathi was putting the clothes to dry , i came from the college and went to the terrace, she had worn a deep cut salwar from both front and back. she did not notice me standing, while she was bending to take the clothes, I could see her cleavage and even bra. she saw me and smiled and i also smiled. she suddenly went inside her house and came back after some time, she still had some more clothes to put for drying, she bent and she was taking long time to get up, to my surprise she was not wearing bra inside, i thought she removed when she went inside, I can see her big white boobs and also nipples hanging towards down, a current passed all over my body and my dick was hard like a steel rod and as i was in my burmuda without underwear, rathi could see my tent. she smiled and suddenly left, when i turned back sushma was standing there, she saw me in a angry look, i could not see in her eyes i went inside my room and locked the door.
   I saw some changes in the dressing of sushma from that day, she used to wear some revealing dress, she was trying to show me her body whenever i was alone at home, I could not understand. One day Rathi threw a letter rapped around a stone towards me, i took it and went inside my room to see what is written in that, she had written that she wants to talk to me and she will meet me on her house terrace at around 12.30 to 1.00 at midnight. I was happy and also afraid that if someone know about this. Sunil was also out of station. i could not sleep and one minute was like one hour for me. at last i saw her on the terrace, I jumped into her house terrace and we sat down such that nobody can see us. She told she likes me and as it was dark i could not see her properly, i told i also like you for first day we chatted normally, this went for around a month. One day while chatting as i could not control i kissed her on her lips, this went for almost 20 min, i was feeling like my dick will tear my bermuda and come out, she was also moaning and she was loosing control and she was getting fainted, it was such a kick for both of us i slowly touched her boobs and started squeezing, she did not object wow it was like a butter rolled in a silicon tube, it was so so soft and when i was about to suck her boobs on her clothes, there was a sound from her house, she got up and ran inside, i cursed my luck and came back, my dick was still hard i masturbated and slept that night.
     Next day, my aunty and uncle had gone to a trip for oldies to temples. when i came to house sushma was alone, she had worn a blouse and lehanga without whale, as sex was in my mind she was also looking sexy and stared at her boobs and came to my room, after few min sushma came to my room and started sweeping. I was sitting on my study chair, she was bending and sweeping i noticed that she had not worn her bra and i could see full view of her boobs, i controlled and turn around but my mind was wanting me to see that beautiful round boobs. I asked her when uncle and aunty are going to come, she told after two days. I asked what about sunil, he will also come after two days. I said ok. she went down and again came with bucket and cloth to soab, she tied the lehenga above her knee, I could not control myself, her cuff was awesome and very fair, whenever she was sitting and soabin her lehenga would go little up and i could see her fair and shapely thighs, i could not believe my luck and how my life was going to change from a good person to a sex starved person. after soabing she went down. I came out on the terrace, after some time rathi came and waved me to come at 1 that night. i said ok and came back. I thought today at any cost i will fuck her. i went to medical store and got a pack of condoms and i was ready, at around 1 midnight rathi came on the terrace, i went down to check sushma, she was sleeping. I went to rathi and could not control, i started to kisss her and suck her lips and bite her lips, she pushed me and told slowly i am getting hurt. after 20 minute of smooching, my hands automatically went to her boobs, i was squeezing it on her clothes, rathi was moaning and she was breathing heavily, i realize that she had not worn any bra she was just in the nightie. I asked her can i lift her nightie and suck her boobs, she told yessss, please do it, i am dying for that. and i touched her bare boobs, it was very soft and i lost my control and squeezed it hard, she stopped me and told to be gentle, but i was not in a condition to listen to her, i sucked, licked and bited her nipples and played with both the melons for around 15 min and i felt that rathi was trying to hold my penis, i opened my bermuda and gave it in her hands, first she was shivering to hold it, then she slowing cupped my penis and started to move her hand up and down, i was in heaven, my precum started to flow. I touched her pussy on her panty, i feltlike heat from her pussy and i was rubbing her pussy on the panty, as i was rubbing she was moaning i could not control i removed her panty and inserted my finger into it, wow... it was so hot and slippery and slowly made the movements of my finger, rathi was moaning and was like she would get fainted any time. I got up and took the condoms out of my bermuda, and tried to put the condoms, as i was new i could not succeed. at last i manage to put it on my dick, i spread her thigh and kept my dick on her pussy, and rubbed. suddenly there was a sound in her house I got up and took bermuda and ran to my room, the condom was still on my dick as i was very horny still my dick was like a steel rod, i was depressed and was trying to remove the condom from my dick, i saw sushma standing at the door, she saw my dick and was staring at it, i could see some sort of lust in her eyes, she was wearing night suit, she was not wearing bra, i could see the shape of her nipples. she came near me and told me dont remove the condom, we will not get this chance again. I could not think what was right and what was wrong, i kissed her passionately, i bited her lips she responded well by biting my lips I felt sushma was more cooperative than rathi.
I removed her night suit very soon, as i was not in a mood for foreplay, i just wanted a pussy at that time, i sucked her boobs, squeezed it hard bited the nipples, and went toward pussy and sucked it and lick the pre cum, she was just holding my dick on the condom, i told her i cannot control now, i will enter you today, later we can have full sex, she agreed and spread her thighs and guided me towards her pussy hole, i saw her face at the time of entering her pussy, she looked like an angel, i tried hard, but my dick was not entering her pussy, i tried and entered by thrusting hard, she screamed, i rammed her around 5 min and ejaculated, she was also cummed.
we both were happy and slept nude for about 10 mins

we both had many session after that till two days, and i also fucked rathi, i will tell that in my next story..
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