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Dr. Nam’s Erotic Story

Hi all, I am Nam from Manipal. This is a real story which happened 6 months back. I am sharing my real experience for the first time on net. I am a bachelor in yogic science and I was very good in academics. After my studies I went to Bangalore in search of job and I got placed in one of the Health Resort and Spa.
I was happy with my work and our main task is curing the diseases with the resources available in nature and through yoga in my past I had an affair with a guy but because of some reason we got broke up. Later on I concentrated on my career and I was virgin till 6 months back.
Let me describe about myself and I am short 5 Ft height, stats 34 28 32 good looking girl after joining the new job i used to be busy always with work. One day my senior Mr. Ramakrishna introduced a new medical officer, Adithya from Bellary. He is a very good looking handsome guy.
Since he was assisting me, as the day passed we became close to each other. That was a fine day when I had wore a blue jeans and a tight orange color t shirt. I was looking gorgeous and he was surprised to see me because most of the time I used wears kurtha and leggings. 
Since it was Sunday we both were free and also there were less people around us. Only we both were on duty and I was happy thinking that I can spend time with Aadi. We were in our cabin and that day Aadi was in great mood. He started touching me hand and shoulder while talking.
 I was quite and this encouraged him to do such similar naughty things. He asked me what is my opinion regarding nude yoga. I was surprised with his question and I got little angry. He continued and told now days it is becoming famous in western countries. So I asked have you planned to try. So he said yes and told if he get a beauty like me.
Later we couldn’t discuss about that and we left for the day at night I didn’t get sleep and I was thinking about nude yoga. I born in a very orthodoxy family and I never became close with any guys where I can share all these. But now I started liking all these. Next day I had my week off and I woke up very late.
I was staying all alone in a single room, and I used to meet my school mates some time whenever I was free. That day I was feeling lazy so decided to stay at home around 1030 I got call from Aadi and he told he is getting bore. So I invited him to my room. At 6 o clock evening Aadi came I welcomed with a warm smile.
I had wore a half pant and thin sleeveless deep top. My bra curves were visible in that top and Adi was looking without any hesitation. We both sat on my bed and started chit chatting, that chat suddenly turned into vulgarity and I was getting pleasure.
He suddenly touched my boob and I was shocked with his sudden reaction. He then put hand inside my top and unhooked the bra. I was feeling happy with his naughty stuff. He touched my boobs and started kissing all over for the first time.
I was showing my boobs to one guy. I was top less now, he started licking my boobs. But bad timing was my owner aunty was knocking the door. We both suddenly became separate I put my cloths and went outside. I was sad. I came to room after talking to owner aunty.
But he had to go urgently to meet one of his friend. That night I masturbated thing of Aadi and I was getting a good pleasure. Now I started to think about sex in a broader mind. Next day I was exciting to go to Work. I reached my work place and was waiting for Aadi to come.
His presence made me feel happy. He winked at me with a naughty smile and my face turned red with blush. He straight away asked me I wana try nude yoga with you. Will you be okay with that and I told yes and we decided it would be next Sunday.
Still 5 more days to go and I was waiting for that special occasion and finally it was that Sunday when I lost my virginity evening 7 PM Aadi came along with a present to me. I liked it very much. We both had dinner and started talking hot stuffs. He had brought his laptop and he told me he will show something which I like very much.
I was keen to see what that was and he opened that video and it was of nude yoga. Wow! I was getting too horny seeing that. Later our game started we both took cloths one by one. I really don’t know why I was not feeling shy to go nude.
Now we were nude facing each other. He told if we apply oil and massage it would be great. I brought some oil and he started applying it all over my body. He was rubbing more on my pussy and boobs even I started applying oil all over his body especially on his 7 inch dick.
It was so hard and big. Now we both sat in Padmasana facing each other. After 5 minutes he did Bujangasana and I leapt over his back. My boob was touching his back and my pussy was touching his butt. My nipples were erected and he turned. He started kissing me all over my body and I too did same with him.
He started licking my pussy which was wet. It was such a pleasure I cannot describe it. He started fingering too in between and now he slept on bed showing his 7 inch cock. I took it in my hand started shaking it slowly. I started licking it for few minutes and he liked it very much. Our body was full of oil and it was slipping too.
He took my boob in his hand and started smooch it. He licked for about 15 minutes hugging each other. He was about to wear condom but I refused I wanted to feel his dick and thought to take different measure for prevention.
He too agreed and he took his dick and slowly tried to insert since it was my first experience I got pain. I was not easy and still he was trying. Suddenly it started bleeding little and still I enjoyed his fuck in that pain. After 10 minutes of continuous fuck we slept hugging each other till morning.
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