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Defloration Of Mithila

When I got to the mall at eight pm and the parking lot was practically full. I had to park on the next to last deck of the far away parking lot of Rifle square and take walk a long way to reach at the shopping mall. I hated shopping during the holidays.
I hated the fact that I had delay so much that I had to go shopping the weekend before New Year and feeling like an amateur in rugby free for all. I shopped various stores, pushing my way through crowds of sour-faced, rude people as I picked up gifts for my family.
I was glad that, at least, I had already purchased my girlfriend’s present on-line. I didn't want to have to contend with the angry and impatient people gathered around the jewelry counters at Amin Jewelers being the last weekend before New Year, the stores were all open until eleven.
I didn't get out of the mad house until almost midnight with my arms full of bags, I headed back to the parking lot. Most of the cars had cleared out. The area where I had parked my sedan was like a ghost town when I stepped in. There were a few cars here and there,
I heard the echoing voices of people bitching and yelling as they put their bags away. I tossed the bags in the trunk, lean on my car. I needed to relax before I headed home. I lit a cigarette and I sighed, closing my eyes. Ah, what a peaceful night.
I felt the stress of the previous four hours slowly melted away. I was looking forward to getting home. Grab a snacks and having a shower and rest for the night.
I get into the car, reached for the ignition. I caught a light reflected in my rear-view mirror, as the little hatchback that had been parked across the row from me backed up. The car rolled closer and closer oh, shit, don't they see me?
Crunch! My car shook as the hatchback crashed into my trunk. I sighed heavily. Perfect, I thought ruefully just fucking perfect. I got out, an annoyed look on my face. I glared at the driver-side door of the little red hatchback as it opened. A cute sexy girl stepped out, obviously teenaged.
Oh, God!" she cried and I'm sorry! She exclaimed, holding a glowing cell-phone in her hand. She lifted it to her ear. I got to go! No! I'll call you later!" She snapped the phone closed, gave me a fearful look.
I glared at the sexy girl. She had long, curly, black hair with few strings of reddish hair tied back in a ponytail. She wore red short kameej ending just below her ass cheeks showing the full size of her ass.
The kameej is low cut showing a perfect cleavage and tightly wrapped around her big round shaped boobs. A dupatta hanging backward from her neck, which covers nothing of her massive breasts. She wore a skin color tiles showing every curve of her long sexy leg.
If someone looks at her from a distance, it will look like she only wore her red short kameej, nothing else. What a piece this is! She was looking like a bitch ready to let tear off her clothes and fuck right now.
Didn't you see my car?" I asked her violently. After the crap I had gone through with shopping, I didn't need this shit. I'm sorry!" she cried, big brown eyes flashing in the dim light of the lot. It's not my fault! My friend Tisa was going on about her asshole boyfriend
I stared at her and it's not your fault?" I cried pay attention when you fucking drive! And get off your fucking cell-phone!" She was startled by my outburst, and stared at me hey! She stammered and I was paying attention! Y-you didn't have your lights on! I didn't see you!"
I sighed, rolling my eyes and typical of a teen to shift the blame. I didn't feel like getting into an argument with an air-headed girl like this. She only got all her brain in her boobs, nowhere else. Let's just get it over with and I said. I'll get my insurance card.
N-no, wait and she cried as I started to reach inside my car. I sighed, straightened. I looked to her, annoyed what? She stepped closer, looking at me over the roof of my car look," she said. "I-it's like this: If I get into another accident, my dad will take my car away! Please! I-it's not that bad!"
I sighed in exasperation, stepped toward the rear of my car. There was a pretty good crack in the bumper, and one of my tail lights was out. My shoulders sagged, and I looked to Mithila.
Not that bad?'" I asked angrily. "I'm gonna have to replace my whole bumper, and a tail light! You have any idea how much that costs for a BMW? Forget it, chick, I'm calling the police. We're doing this right."
She fidgeted on her feet, looking fearful. She watched me as I took out my own cell-phone. She gave me a desperate look, rushing between our cars.
P-please!" she pleaded as she came up beside me, giving me a plaintive look. "My dad will take it away! If I cause another accident, I'm gonna lose my car! Please, mister! I gotta have my car! I have to!"
I huffed, staring at the roof of the parking lot. I looked around; not another car remained on this parking lot; hell, I was sure most of the lots were empty.
I don't need this shit, I thought. I just want to get home, have a snacks, and maybe stroke my cock while watching some porn. But this girl is not bad for having a hard on. I decided to try my luck to seduce this chick.
I looked to her impassively no luck," I said, flipping my phone open. "I'm calling the police, we're making out a report. I'm not forking out fifty thousand bucks just so you can keep being an irresponsible driver."
She stared, her eyes wide and mouth hanging open. I noticed how full and soft her lips were. Her breasts keep pushing in and out with heavy breathing out of fear. "No! Please!" she begged, grabbing my arm. She pleaded desperately.
Please! I'll do anything! I'll pay you back, I promise! Anything! I will do anything you want to forgive me! I stared at her, feeling too much horny. Now I feel like the feelings are increasing, I have to fuck this little piece of hot sex bombshell anything? I ask her.
Mithila stared at me, her extreme anxious turning to fear. She looked around, discovering noting. We are the only people left in the parking lot. She suddenly trembled well
I chuckled. Dark thoughts, licentious thoughts, filled my mind. There I was, in a vacated parking lot with a highly attractive, sexy big boobies and no one else around. I had an opportunity that I suddenly realized I could not pass up.
I looked up and down her body to her apparent age, her sexy figure, the color of her dress. I imagined the sight of her red bra under her bright red kameej.
I'd always had fantasies about this moment. I felt a thrilling in my dick. You're alone with a desperate, teenaged sex bomb, I thought. When's the last time you fucked a teenage girl? Two years ago? Imagine how hot her shaved pussy would look wrapped around your dick!
I should have thought about my girlfriend, and my vows: not looking to other girls but my girlfriend hadn't given up a blowjob in last couple of months, and I was pretty damn sexually horny. And I was sure my girlfriend will never find out about this hot young thing before me.
Will your parents really take your car away if you cause another accident?" I asked her. She nodded hotly please, mister," she begged me with wide doe-eyes. I sighed, making a decision. Fuck it. Go for it. I looked back to her. "What's your name?"
She managed a little smile Mithila," she said, then smiled more broadly, stepping closer with a more flirtatious look. I gave her an amused look. So Mithila figured if she flirted a little, I'd do what she wanted, huh? Well, she was in for a big surprise.
I pursed my lips, making no attempt to hide my admiration of her tight little body. I took a deep breath, then stared into her eyes. "Tell you what," I said. I won't call the police, and I won't file a report with my insurance company
She sighed heavily in relief, grabbing my arm. She smiled broadly in gratitude. Oh, God, thank you! Thank you! Thank but you have to fuck me," I finished, cutting her off.
Mithila was shocked by my words, her relieved grin vanishing instantly her fingers poised my arm as she stepped back. She stared widely at me what? I smiled. I was surprised at how calm and confident I was you heard me," I said.
Little Mithila stared a moment longer, dumbfounded, astonished. She swallowed nervously, looked to the concrete floor beneath us. Somewhere far away, tires screeched on pavement. Mithila's eyes were wide, and her soft pink lips trembled.
I can't she said in a soft voice, barely audible. I arched an eyebrow why not?" I asked. Mithila looked up to me. Her eyes watered, and she looked frightened. I just c-can't fuck," she said. I chuckled how old are you, Mithila? I asked.
Twenty Three," she stammered, shifting on her feet. She lowered her head, looking at her feet. I pursed my lips are you a virgin?" I asked slowly, Mithila nodded, almost looking ashamed.
I breathed in, aroused well, then, let me ask you this: is your virginity worth losing your car? Mithila lifted her head, her eyes wet and dripping please," she whispered. "Don't do this."
I stared at her, expectant. I was not going to back down. Something rude and primal had entered into me and taken over. The fact that this little thing was a virgin only made me want her more.
I held up my cell-phone make your choice," I said Mithila shuddered, squeezing her eyes shut as tears dripped down her cheeks. I could imagine the dilemma going through her teenaged mind: give up her cherry, or give up her all-important car. Hmm, choices, choices . . . .
She finally shook, shoulders sagging, crying softly. I can’t she said. "I-I don't want to do it this way. I shrugged nine-nine it is, then and I said, and poised my finger above the number pad.
Mithila cried out in anguish, slapping her hands on my arm. Her eyes quivered wait! changed your mind?" I asked Mithila's mouth worked as she tried to speak for a moment, then she looked away. She sighed heavily, gritted her teeth.
I'll let you she huffed, closed her eyes. "You can do my ass, okay?" She looked up at me pleadingly is that okay? I never fucked in my life, so it's like you'd be banging me anyway just don't do my cunt."
I arched an eyebrow at her suggestion. You'll let me fuck your ass? I asked her. Mithila shuddered at my words, obviously uncomfortable with such frank language. But she nevertheless nodded. "Yeah, okay," she said.
I smiled slowly such a stupid girl, I thought you got a deal," I said, slapping my phone closed and slipping it back in my slacks. I faced her. "Take off your tiles. Mithila gave me a surprised, nervous look what? Here? Can't we go to a hotel or your home?"
I shook my head right here bitch though I want to fuck you for the rest of the night, fucking in a open space like this is even more exiting" I said Mithila stared at me in shock. Her cheeks blazed with embarrassment. She breathed out, squeezed her eyes closed a moment.
Mithila realized she had no choice. Opening her eyes and looking down, Mithila dragged her hands to the waist line of her tiles. Slowly, with shaking fingers, she tucked down her tight tiles, pushed down further below her ass. Mithila made little sobbing noises as she wiggled the garment down off her ass. She wore very sensible, pink cotton panty.
Take off your panties and I said Mithila gritted her teeth as she stepped out of her tiles. She straightened, and then slowly hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her underwear.
She looked around, her eyes wide and anxious. But if she was looking for someone to save her, she was disappointed. We seemed to be the only two people in the world with a defeated sigh, Mithila slid her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them, then straightened.
I looked at the sexy sex bomb before me, naked from her midriff down. She had a narrow waist, stretched tight belly, long, lean thighs and legs and between those sexy legs was a wildly trimmed bush of bright-toned, dark-colored pubes, reaching to the tops of her thighs.
It surrounded a puffy-lipped, bright pink pussy that sported a long, slender clitoris wrapped up in a coral-colored hood. juicy labia humped through her thin, hair-lined vulvae.
I breathed in, immensely aroused. I had never seen a pussy so fresh, covered in such erotically-trimmed hair. My cock was throbbing in my slacks. "Very nice, your cunt looks much testier than imagination" I said.
Mithila trembled, averting my gaze. She looked embarrassed, even humiliated, at being so shamelessly exposed. But, by the way she trembled, I wondered if she was aroused as well. Her nipples certainly attested to that possibility, stiff and hard and poking through her kameej.
Come here, baby," I said, as I backed up until I stood beside the low hood of my car. The little sex bomb approached me, leaving her clothes behind as she stepped forward nervously. Even with the dim light, her dark pubes glowed ethereally. The sight of her uniquely-colored cunt turned me on incredibly, especially since it was revealed in such a public place.
Mithila looked to me expectantly, her eyes wide and round. I had the feeling I was about to defile an innocent. The idea made my cock pulse. Fuck, was I turned on! Unbutton my slacks," I ordered Mithila.
Mutely, dutifully, Mithila reached for my pants. She undid my belt, and then pulled on the button of my slacks. Once it was freed, she tugged down my zipper without me having to tell her. My slacks fell around my ankles, leaving me in my boxers.
I sighed in arousal, my dick pushing against my boxers, forming a noticeable bulge. "Get on your knees, Mithila," I said pull my shorts down. Mithila breathed in, trembling, obviously scared and nervous. I started wondering if she was a virgin in every way. She was after all a sexy little girl, whose most 'selling feature' was the fact that she was a natural sex bomb.
She had a great thing in the way of round big tits, and I could imagine her being called 'bitch' or ‘sexy’ throughout high school. She might have felt whistle, groping, patting and in contact of boys altogether. So it was not only such a stretch to believe that she was a virgin. But also it was too hard to think that she had never touched, nor even tasted, a cock before.
Still, perhaps eagerly, Mithila pulled my shorts down, gasping loudly as my dick sprang out toward her, fully engorged at its eight-inch length. The little sex bomb stared at my penis in wonder, shock, and fascination. Her mouth hung open.
Oh, shit," she breathed. Mithila looked up at me, nervous, apprehensive, but also, I thought, more than a little turned on. "Wh-what now?" she asked me I reached down, touched her face. "Have you ever sucked a cock, Mithila?" I asked.
Slowly, Mithila shook her head, her eyes glowing wide like those of a little girl wishing for the most desirable candy. I shuddered. Yes, she was, indeed, a virgin in every way. I was more aroused than I had ever been in my life. I ran my hands over her dark-colored head, gently pulled her toward me. Mithila automatically opened her mouth, staring at my throbbing dick as it loomed closer.
Nothing to it and I said, feeling Mithila's soft lips as I pushed into her mouth. I sighed suck and lick at the same time and I don't scrape it with your teeth. Just oh, yeah and I moaned as Mithila's mouth wrapped around me, sucking and pulling gently.
She murmured, her brow wrinkling at the new sensation of a dick penetrating her mouth. She made little noises, not sure what to make of the taste of my cock and the flavor of the thick, oily pre-cum that oozed into her mouth. But she kept sucking.
I trembled as I realized that mine was the first cock this girl had ever tasted. She pumped back and forth slowly, frowning a little as my dick invaded her mouth. She only suckled the first couple of inches, and concentrated her efforts on the sensitive head of my cock.
I shuddered in pleasure, and Mithila took that as encouragement. She sucked harder, strumming her tongue eagerly along the underside, drawing out literal rivers of pre-cum and swallowing them down, staring up at me for approval. I sighed in satisfaction, but the sensation was too much, and I jerked back, my cock popping wetly from her mouth.
Mithila gave me an anxious look, her lips wet and dripping with saliva and my pre-seminal fluid I’m doing it right?" she asked innocently. I sighed, smiling upon her in bliss ooh, so right," I said just try sucking more."
Mithila nodded, swallowed, and licked her lips as she stared back at my wet, dripping dick. "Okay," she whispered, then engulfed my cock hungrily. I moaned as Mithila pumped back and forth, taking as much of my long, thick length as she could on each plunge.
I cradled Mithila's head, loving the way her long, dark-colored ponytail swayed as she bobbed on my cock, sucking wetly. Little Mithila went after her first blow job with enthusiasm, smacking her lips, rolling her tongue, running her hands up to my balls and lightly squeezing them.
She was a definite natural cocksucker. I moaned as Mithila serviced me. I hadn't gotten a blow job this good in years. My girlfriend only sucked me as foreplay, and not very well but Mithila's mouth sucked and pulled eagerly as she became more comfortable with having a dick in her mouth.
She panted around my shaft between fervent slurps and sucks, glancing up to me now and then as she enjoyed the feel and flavor of her first dick. Mithila sucked hard on the first couple of inches of my cock, stroking my shaft, and slowly began bringing me to the brink of orgasm.
I gasped, thrusting toward her mouth, fucking the little sex bomb's face. I was going to cum at any moment, I felt oooh, yeah, baby, I moaned, feeling my balls tightening. "You're going to do it!"
Suddenly, Mithila slipped her drooling mouth off my dick, easing back and giving me an apprehensive look. Thick spit slapped to her chin, dripped to her shirt wait!" she gasped, looking up at me you're going to shoot off, aren't you?"
I winced, let out a shuddering moan of disappointment. I stared down at her face, her glistening lips. "I want to," I said. "I'm so close. Mithila looked to my straining, spit-covered cock as her fingers encircled the base. She was obviously apprehensive about taking my load in her mouth.
I don't know," she said in a strained, little-girl voice. It's not that bad," I said, trying to convince her. "Just start swallowing as soon as you taste it. It'll be over before you know it."
The sex bomb grimaced, looked back to my face apologetically as my cock throbbed before her. She looked uncomfortable.  I don't think I can do that," she said.
I sighed, my balls boiling. I closed my eyes a moment, fighting down the sensations. I could have forced her, could have shoved my cock back in her mouth and fucked her sexy little face, but I guess there was a still a little morality left in me. I finally looked down at little Mithila stand up
I said are you gonna do my butt, now?" she asked in a cracking voice yes," I said, my cock throbbing come on, get up and turn around. Mithila trembled, but she did as she was told. She stood, wiping her mouth daintily, casting her gaze around the lot. She seemed to hope once again that someone would come and rescue her.
But she was out of luck, and she knew it. She turned about, bent over the hood of my car, arching her back as she braced herself on her elbows. Her wispy, dark-haired cunt hair sprouted out wildly from between her legs. Mithila's thick bush turned me on.
Mithila looked over her shoulder at me as I stepped between her spread thighs do you have any, um she groped for the words, looking frustrated. lube? I asked.
The sex bomb nodded and smiled sheepishly yeah and I grinned, and lowered myself to my knees. "I got it right here," I said, and spread Mithila's virgin cheeks apart, exposing her hot, puffy, dark-haired pussy, her lips so pink and wet, and her tight, puckered little anus. It, too, was surrounded by wispy hair so soft and almost invisible.
What do you began the sexy sex bomb, then she moaned loudly as I started lapping at her tight little asshole and licking down to her creamy, virgin cunt. I sucked on both of her holes, pushing my tongue inside her over and over. Mithila gasped, crying out, slapping her hands upon the hood of my car.
I moaned in response, pulling on her slick pink pussy lips. God damn, she tasted good! Mithila pushed back against me, automatically rolling her hips, grinding her cunt against my mouth. God, she tasted so sweet! I hadn't eaten a virgin in so long.
I had forgotten how fresh and pure they tasted! Mithila writhed and moaned, squirming a little. I didn't realize she was pulling off her kameej and bra until she tossed it aside. It hung off the emblem on the hood of my car.
Mithila was now completely naked in the parking lot, except for her little white sneakers, bent over the hood of the BMW, rolling her hips desperately as she was being eaten out by a man. That seemed like a recipe for a porn video, I thought as I smacked and sucked and licked her virgin treasures. Mithila's gasps and cries echoed through the lot.
As Mithila's passion grew and approached the boiling point, I slipped my pussy-slicked mouth down to her long, sexy clit and pulled it between my lips, making Mithila gasp. I sucked it hard, massaging it with my tongue. shrieked Mithila, her cries echoing through the parking deck as she shoved back hard against me.
Oh, shit! Oh, fuck yeahhhhh! Mithila came hard, bucking up and down, her pussy spurting and oozing and squelching wetly. I made the assumption that she had never been sucked to orgasm before. Her labia flared out, sopping wet and dripping with cum as she came.
I lapped up and down, devouring her sweet cum, and returned to Mithila's asshole as she cooed and slowly came down. She kept moving her ass in little circles, giggling girlishly as I licked and lapped and pushed my tongue past her tight sphincter. Oh, holy fuck," she sighed that feels so good
Mmm," I responded, rimming her deeply. I rubbed my fingers against Mithila's oozing cunt, getting them slimy and slick, then massaged her tight, virgin asshole. Mithila sighed and hissed in pleasure, pushing back against me.
She winced as I pushed a finger inside her anus, pumping it slowly in and out. Then I added another, spreading her tight hole open. Oh, baby," Mithila moaned, hanging her head. She grimaced as my fingers penetrated her, sliding back and forth. Her anus slowly relaxed and became slicker. Mithila panted deeply. She was ready.
I stood behind her, gripped her hips as my stiff dick brushed her slick cunt lips and tight sphincter. Mithila groaned. "Oh, God," she murmured, planting her hands on the hood of my car and pushing up, keeping her back arched. "You're gonna do it."
I leaned over Mithila, reaching around to cup her tits as my dick pushed against her slick asshole. Her hard nipples stabbed into my palms as I groped her little-girl breasts. "Take a deep breath, Mithila," I said as I pressed my cheek against hers. "Hold it."
The sex bomb whimpered, then sucked in through her teeth, clamping her mouth shut as she held her breath. I slipped my hands up, gripping her shoulders with a deep grunt, I shoved my cock into Mithila's ass, feeling her tight, hot, rectal tunnel spasming around my cock. Mithila shook under me, banging her hands on the hood of my BMW. She finally panted loudly.
Oh, fucking hell!" she cried as I pushed in deeper. Her face contorted in discomfort wait!" she screeched, her voice echoing in the lot. Her anus squeezed my cock so tightly I could barely move inside her.
I straightened, holding Mithila's narrow hips in my hands, looking at my thick cock buried halfway in the sex bomb's tight little ass. Her cheeks trembled, her legs quivered just relax, Mithila," I said.
She huffed, panted, breathed deeply, her body quaking. "Easy for you to say," she seethed. "You don't have a huge fucking dick in your ass!"
I chuckled, smoothed my hands all around the teenager's firm cheeks. The sentence turned me on. "Just don't try to push," I said. I started to ease deeper inside Mithila's tight ass, then pulling back slowly. Mithila gasped.
"Oh, God, it burns!" she cried, scratching her nails upon the hood of my car and throwing her head back. But even as she complained and convulsed, Mithila loosened her ass and pushed back against me, wanting more of my hard cock inside her.
I moaned at the teen girl's submission, and began really fucking her, sliding my cock in and out of her tight, swollen red asshole. Mithila gasped and moaned constantly, panting as my cock delved deep in her rectum, then groaning as I pulled almost all the way back.
Holly fuck, Mithila's ass was too much tight! I hadn't experienced such a snug fit, nor such heat, nor such eagerness from a girl since my first girlfriend Florida and I lost our virginities together. I relished the fuck as I thrust into Mithila's wonderful ass, watching her cheeks tense and asshole stretch around my cock.
And all the while, I kept thinking about the last virginity she had, just below my pumping cock. I had already introduced this sexy little sex bomb to cock sucking and anal sex. Why not give her everything?
Mithila panted and trembled over the hood of my car as I fucked her ass. I went as deep as I could, and pulled back all the way, until the tip of my dick brushed her gaping, swollen anus. Mithila moaned and murmured, hanging her head until it touched the hood of my car. She shuddered, and started gasping as she came. Her asshole squeezed tightly around my cock, and the teen girl threw her head back, her long ponytail slapping against my chest as she screamed with her orgasm.
Her sharp, girlish cries echoed loudly throughout the parking lot, reverberating off the concrete walls aahhh she shrieked. Looking at her face in profile, it seemed to me that Mithila was surprised by the fact that she was cuming. I took advantage of her surprise, and fucked her harder, making her scream and wail uncontrollably.
And, in the midst of Mithila's orgasm, as I felt her drenched pussy saturating my balls as they slapped against her wet lips, I pulled out of Mithila's ass, and in a quick move, angled my penis down. Before Mithila knew what I was doing, I was shoving my stiff dick inside her tight, rippling, red-haired virgin cunt.
Mithila cried out again, pushing up on her hands and giving me a slack-jawed, apprehensive look. Her un-fucked cunt shuddered around the head of my cock as I pushed it into her slick tunnel. Her orgasm had made it relatively easy for me to penetrate her, despite how tight she was.
N-no, wait!" she cried. "D-don't! Please! No! Oh, God, please! I don't wanna do it this way! Just relax," I said, my cock throbbing inside her cunt, pressing against her hymen. I loved feeling the proof of Mithila's virginity against my cock.
I never thought I would ever take another virgin in my life, and the reality that I was about to do so was almost enough to make me cum. "It'll be over in a sec. Oh, God!" Mithila screamed, trying to pull away please! D-don't do it! Please, mister, I'm begging you! Don't do it!"
But I ignored her and to be honest, her protests just made me want to take her that much more. I grabbed her shoulder, squeezed her narrow hip in my other hand. I stared into Mithila's trembling eyes as I shoved my cock deep inside her, tearing through her hymen, deflowering her and penetrating deep inside her virgin cunt.
Mithila screamed in pain as her virginity was stolen from her, shaking against me. She tried to pull away again, but I secured her in place, my cock throbbing deep in her tunnel, feeling the hot, thick bath of blood swirling around my shaft.
I sighed in pleasure, loving the way her deflowered pussy sucked automatically on my cock. Mithila shuddered and shook, shrieking, crying, bucking under me. Her cries degenerated to choking sobs as she sagged over the hood of my car.
I moaned, revealing in the tight feel of Mithila's cunt. I fully enjoyed the fact that mine was the first cock to penetrate her. Then I started really fucking her. The walls echoed with the smack-smack-pop of my hips against her ass and the whimpering sobs of Mithila under me.
I pounded and pumped and fucked sexy little Mithila relentlessly, enjoying the fact that I was fucking a tight little girl after taking her flower. Mithila's cries eventually faded, replaced by pants and moans and gasps. She seemed to accept her deflowering, especially as her pussy tightened and constricted around my cock with her first vaginal orgasm.
Ooh! screamed Mithila at the top of her lungs as I slammed into her cunt over and over. She arched her back deeply, pushing up onto her toes, her legs trembling, tight ass shaking, as she came violently. Her cunt literally spurted around my invading dick, soaking my pubes with her rich, fragrant cum.
I sighed, grinning, feeling like a con as I fucked Mithila. I shoved my dick deep, stopped thrusting for a few moments to savor the sensation of her rippling, sucking pussy. Her fluid dripped off my balls, trickled down her thighs. I hissed, enjoying her heat, her tightness.
Mithila quivered against me, rubbing her firm little cheeks against my abdomen, alternately enjoying her orgasmic afterglow and perturbed by the circumstances of losing her virginity.
I pulled out of Mithila, her pussy spurting a glob of fluid that splattered to the floor of the parking deck. I turned her over, and Mithila stared up at me in a daze, shocked at her loss of virginity and her subsequent orgasm. Her face and neck and tits were flushed deeply from her intense climax.
Her nipples were thick and dark pink, jutting out nearly a full inch and about the same diameter as nickels. On impulse, I bent over and sucked one of those stiff nubs into my mouth, making Mithila gasp and hiss.
I straightened, staring down at Mithila, who was so dazed and stunned by the circumstances of her first fuck that she just went along with whatever I wanted.
We both looked down at her hairy, matted, orange-haired pussy, at the streaks of blood along my thick shaft as I lined it up with her snatch. Mithila moaned as I eased back inside her sloppy, swollen cunt. I sighed once more. I hadn't fucked a pussy this tight since I was Mithila's age.
I lifted Mithila's slender, taut, pale legs, holding them wide by her fine-boned ankles as I thrust away. I watched the penetration of her dark-haired snatch over and over, the sight spurring me on.
Mithila's head fell back, and she stared in shock at the tree above the parking lot, her mouth hanging slack as puffs of breath escaped her lips with each hard thrust I made. It wasn't much longer before my balls tightened and I felt the impending rush of orgasm.
I groaned oooh, Mithila baby, I'm going to cum!" I announced, staring at her face. That seemed to shock her back to reality. Mithila lifted her head, staring down at her violated pussy for a moment, then to my face. "P-please, mister!" she begged. "Don't do it in my pussy!"
Your choice, Mithila and I said, pounding her smacking-wet cunt, getting closer and closer to glorious release your pussy or your mouth. She stared at me, her face contorting what? Come on, girl, decide!" I said, slapping my hips against her upturned cheeks. I'm going to cum!
Mithila shuddered, squeezing her eyes shut a moment. "Can't you just do it on me?" she asked whimpering. I grinned upon her. "Pussy or mouth," I repeated, fucking her sweet cunt with short, fast thrusts. My cock twitched, balls drawing up as they slapped against her ass.
You got about five seconds. Oh, fuck! Mithila gasped as she realized I was about to shoot off. "Oh, God, don't squirt in my pussy! I'm not on the pill!"
I grunted as I teetered on the edge of orgasm. I stopped thrusting into the sexy little girl, and slipped my hand behind her head. I pulled out of her sopping cunt. "Your mouth it is," I said, and pulled Mithila to the ground beneath me.
Mithila fell to her knees, her eyes wide and mouth slack as she stared at my thick, dripping cock. She was definitely intimidated and frightened by what I wanted her to do. But I could not have cared less. I grabbed her strawberry-haired head and pushed my cock between her pink lips. "Suck it, Mithila!" I gasped. "Here it comes!"
Mithila mumbled uncomfortably around my dick as it thrust in her mouth, her eyes blazing wide as she realized she was about to taste cum for the first time. Still, Mithila dutifully sucked, wincing as she tasted her own snatch, mingled with the metallic flavor of blood.
Seeing her mouth stretched around my pussy-slicked penis, her own fluid dripping down her chin, turned me on to no end. I hadn't had a fuck this hot in ages. Oh, god!" I cried, trembling as my orgasm overcame me.
My cock shuddered and pulsed in Mithila's mouth, letting loose a torrent of sperm that splashed her tongue and coated the insides of her cheeks. I grunted in supreme pleasure as I ejaculated wildly in the little sex bomb's mouth.
Mithila's eyes flew open wide as I came in her mouth. She struggled against me, trying to pull back, but I held her head firmly, fucking her suddenly cum-slicked lips. My semen poured out of her mouth as she gagged and choked on it, flowing over her chin and down her neck, dripping to her little tits and falling to her sexy thighs.
I kept thrusting, enjoying my orgasm to the fullest as I kept coming. I heard Mithila swallow reflexively, and she grimaced as semen slithered down her throat. My orgasm finally ran its course, and I jabbed a few more times in Mithila's gooey, dripping mouth.
Finally, I pulled back, tendrils of sperm mingled with saliva stretching from my cock to Mithila's gasping mouth. The strands broke and slapped against Mithila's chin and neck. The sight was incredibly hot. Mithila sputtered and coughed, spitting my cum out to the ground.
She touched the base of her throat, gagged, almost retched. A long strand of fluid hung off her tongue before it broke and fell to the concrete floor. She glared up at me, her lips smeared and shiny, her chin dripping with semen, rivulets of my cum trickling down her neck and glistening like rivers on her booby chest.
You came in my mouth!" she cried, clearly repulsed. I chuckled, stepping back, my cock dripping. "Hell, yeah, I did," I said. I shook my head euphorically. "God, damn! That was good! That was fucking gross, is what it was!" Mithila exclaimed, gathering more sperm-infused saliva and spitting it out.
She pushed herself to her feet, pressing a hand between her legs. She winced as she touched her swollen, bloody pussy. She gave me a look that was both hurtful and angry you took me! I-I don't even know you, a-and you popped me!"
I leaned against my car, recovering. I ogled her semen-dripping body. "Happy New Year," I said flippantly Mithila stared at me, suddenly mortified. "You fucking raped me!" she screamed. "Fuck you!" She ran around her car, forgetting her clothes, and jumped in behind the driver's seat.
I chuckled as Mithila started her car and peeled away, tires screeching. I pictured the sight of naked little cum-covered Mithila driving home. I wondered if she would get pulled over. I imagined the smear of blood and semen she would leave on her driver's seat.
I found my pants, took out a cigarette, lit up. I breathed out a cloud of smoke with a sigh as I leaned back against my car. I felt more satisfied than I had in years. I relished the memories of taking my little dark-headed slut's virginity. It seemed especially poignant since it had been done against her will.
For some reason, that just made the prize that much better. I finished my cigarette, flicked the butt, pulled on my boxers and pants. I slid in behind the wheel, started my car. I smiled all the way home.
I happened to see my little dark-headed slut a couple of months later, in the same mall, as she was walking amongst friends and talking about whatever teen girls talked about. She saw me, and for a moment, faltered.
I just looked at her, remembering vividly that night and smiling. Mithila stared back, her expression blank. Her pale cheeks colored, and she eventually looked away as she passed by.
Who's that?" asked one of her friends, checking me out. Nobody," said Mithila. He's just a guy I used to know." She looked over her shoulder at me, her brown eyes wide. I gave her a casual wave.
I smirked, turned back to my girlfriend as she came out of the store. My girlfriend met me with a kiss. I hugged her warmly. Life, as they say, was good.
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