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Car Sex Took My Virginity

I have been reading it since 2 years. This is my first story. I know you will like this story so please mail me @ rahulrao15@gmail.com about response.
I am a bio medical engineer in Bangalore. My work is in office most of the time and sometimes I have to go to hospitals to assist surgeons in operation theatres while using new components of our company.

So visiting hospitals in Bangalore is a usual routine for me. Once I went to one of the very big hospital in Bangalore there I met one nurse by name Manasa. She was a very beautiful girl of age around 22. By the time we meet 4 or 5 times and we become more comfortable talking to each other. We exchanged our numbers and we used to talk over phone for long time. I started flirting to her but she was acting as she doesn’t know anything.
It was going normally but I had decided to make her sleep with me somehow but I did not got any chance for next 3 months once there was a medical conference at some place in Bangalore and our company was organizing that conference around 150 surgeons were present all over India, in that conference
I gave one demo about our company product actually. I gave that demo very innovatively, so everybody present their liked the demo very much many of my friends congratulated me for giving such a wonderful demo. Manasa was also present there. All my work got over by 3pm on that day but conference was their till 11 pm there were lots of crowd so I could not able to find out Manasa after 3 pm.
I called Manasa to ask where she is. She was somewhere there and we both sat in the corner of conference hall and we were chatting till 5.30 pm.
later I took her out in my car for coffee even though evening snacks was arranged we were not interested in it. By that time I got already tempted by seeing her gorgeous body for such a long time. She was wearing white color salwar kameez.

I already gazed every inch of her body with my eyes. It was very uneasy for me to control my monster inside which was already 7’’around 7 pm we both were standing near one tree and were talking I couldn’t able to control myself I started touching her body while talking, she too got tempted by that but she avoided by telling people are around us don’t forget that’.
I took her inside my car by telling some lie. I started holding her hand and massaging it. I gone near her face to kiss her but her pushed me back because she was afraid that someone may notice us since the car glass is not tinted. So I drew the car to the out skirt of the city mean while we were talking casually some time I tried to rub her thigh with my left hand while driving but she was dragging away my hand.
I parked the car outskirt of the city. No people were their around. I switched off my car head light and switched on the small light inside the car as it was first time for her she was literally shivering and she was sweating very much. I consoled her by saying not to worry. I took her white whale and wiped her sweat on her forehead situation was turning more romantic.
I took her face in my both arms and kissed on her chins and forehead as we were sitting in front seat it was not comfortable. So we went to back seat. I wanted to see her body clearly so switched on the central light in car. She was all ready for it. I wanted to tease her much, so I started massaging her right thigh with my right hand and was moving my left hand behind her neck and was talking to her romantically.
It was turning her very much. For the first time she made the move. She put her hands on my shoulders. I slide my right hand in to her waist and pulled her towards me. Now she is sitting on my lap.I started playing with her tongue using mine. I cupped her slightly big boobs in my right hand and my left hand was still screwing her neck from backside. I started kissing on her neck and started biting her ears.
I desperately wanted to taste her mellows. So I removed her whale and starting pulling her top upwards but it was very tight. She told to open the zip which is there at backside of her top, I was in no mood of doing all those things, I tried to tear her top but she resisted by saying afterwards she don’t have any dress to wear. 
I started biting her mellows over her top itself. She was completely enjoying that act then I turned her back removed one hook of her top and pulled the zip down. Her white skin was glowing like gold with lemon color light inside car. She was wearing white bra. I started kissing on her back. I removed her top completely. I started kissing on her neck and shoulders. I removed her bra stapes form her shoulder with my teeth.
I opened her bra hook from behind and throw her bra on dash board of car. Now beautiful mellows are in front of me. I tasted those mangoes for 10 minutes. Like a mad man then I stated removing her pant since car was small it was quite uneasy to remove but she cooperated. She was in pink panty with small flowers on it. I removed that panty in one shot. She was completely naked in front of me but I wasn’t removed my dress still.
I removed my shirt she suddenly grabbed me and started kissing my chest. I completely slept over on seat and told her to remove my pant. She removed my shoes and socks first and climbed on me and stated remove my belt and pant. My tool was trying to pop out of my V-shaped black jockey.
She started to pull that jockey with her hands but I wanted more pleasure so I took her hands with mine and told her to kiss my tool over the underwear itself.

She started biting and kissing my penny over the cloth. She took her boobs and started pressing on my underwear. I was so exited I couldn’t control myself I haven’t got that much pleasure any time. We were sweating very much even though AC was on. Then I told her to remove my underwear with her teeth. She tried hard to remove it with her mouth, since it was very tight she was not having any grip to hold because.
I was holding her hand suddenly she pulled her hands from mine and removed my underwear. My tool was standing 90 degree. She grabbed it and put it in her mouth. She started giving blow job. Since it was first time for her she hadn’t knew how to suck the cock I guided her to make it best. I don’t want to come in her mouth so I stopped her but she was not willing to stop.
I forcefully pulled her up and she was completely soaked in sweat. I made her come down and started stroking my fingers in her pussy it was already wet. I stroked my finger for some time and then put my cock head on her pussy and started inserting inside. It started moving inside slowly. I raised my pace she was screaming in pain her virginity got broken blood started coming out.
I did not stop by that time my tool was completely inside. I fell on her I cupped her breast with my both hands and I was biting her mellows hard while I was stroking my tool hard inside her and she was holding me desperately tight. My full load came inside her wit in 10 minutes. I fell on her without energy. Later I saw due to my rawness there were scratches on her breasts.
She made lots of scratches on my back which was bleeding but in front of the pleasure what I got from her, those scratch pain were nothing.
I know all of you liked the above story. I surely know many girls and boys have come in their undies while reading this story. If you really liked the story mail me @ rahulrao15@gmail.com any girls or ladies can contact me over e-mail.

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